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The Great Leaders Have Used The Power Of Architecture

Throughout history, great leaders have used the power of architecture to convey the fundamental ideas that formed the base of their societies. Immense amounts of money, power and time have been poured into monumental buildings over the centuries; testament to the importance humanity places on grand symbols. Classical architecture is some of the most timeless and long lasting architecture the world has ever seen. It has been the inspiration of thousands of buildings, long after the original creators and civilizations passed..The practice of using classical architecture to reference the values that classical architects used their buildings to represent several hundreds of years before was first practiced by leaders such as the monarchy of Great Britain. At the height of their empire they borrowed symbols from the emperors of ancient Rome; symbols to represent the glory of an Imperial hand stretching over a collection of colonies. A contrasting example is Thomas Jefferson, an aspiring architect who not only designed buildings for the new America, but the American democracy with it. His architecture was representative of a collection of intellectual individuals working together to create a just system of government. The classical buildings that symbolize these styles of architecture, linked by the similar architectural features, are the Maison Carrà ©e, Pantheon and the Parthenon. Features that make the Maison Carrà ©e distinctive include a deep portico, a hexastyle design onShow MoreRelatedEssay on The Parthenon- A Culture in Itself1652 Words   |  7 Pagesremarkable structure of the Parthenon on the Acropolis. The Parthenon is one of the most inspiring works of architecture known to mankind. The project of the extraordinary Acropolis was taken on by one of the most influential leaders of history, Pericles. Pericles influenced not only the building of one of the grandest works but the example of democracy displayed by the Greeks. The architecture was unique f or its time, it featured excellent structure,the breathtaking Metopes featuring the epic battlesRead MoreThe Classical Age1305 Words   |  6 Pagesworld in such a manner, that we are still uncovering facts of ancient Athens today. The classical period was a time where the Greeks had great pride in what they accomplished. After years of war, Athens was victorious and able to enhance their great empire. The Athenians used Greek philosophy to reach the pinnacle of excellence. The virtue that the Greeks had used in their everyday life was called, â€Å"arà ªte† meaning, superiority or balance. The culture of Athens was known to strive for balance, not arroganceRead MoreEssay about Greek and Japanese Architecture865 Words   |  4 PagesGreek and Japanese Architecture For a great many years, architecture has been a breaking point for different artisticeras in history. Some of the most famous â€Å"works of art† have been chapels, temples, and tombs. Among the most dominant and influential eras of great architecture are the sophisticated, stoic Greeco-Roman periods and the more mystical, elemental Japanese eras. These two very distinct and very different eras have more in common than you may realize. When work began on theRead MoreThe Role of Architecture in Art History1373 Words   |  5 PagesArchitecture has proven to be an important part of society and culture in both art history, and human history. Art is created to reflect the values of the society that creates it, and architecture is no different. Each piece of architecture can be identified by certain characteristics that makes it a part of a specific culture. Both the Great Stupa at Sanchi, located in central India, and the Parthenon, located in Greece, are examples of architecture that share similar characteristics, however canRead More Roman Empire Innovations Essay1583 Words   |  7 Pagesharsh tyrant, he was driven from power in 509 B.C. The Romans declared they would never again be ruled by a king. Instead, they established a republic the Latin phrase res publica, which means â€Å"public affairs.† A republic is a form of government in which power rests with citizens who have the right to vote for their l eaders. (page 156) This innovation was one of the keys to success for the Roman Empire. The king was a tyrant and having no limits to his power did not make the empire peaceful.Read MoreAugustus s Influence On The Roman Empire1260 Words   |  6 Pageshis rule his influence on artwork and architecture illustrated a classical style, and often they was a reflection of the â€Å"public image† of his rule, as well as his â€Å"new agenda†. (115) Augustus was quickly seen as a restorer of Rome. Augustus commissioned many large scale building projects such as the Campus Martius, as well as elaborate pieces of portraiture that illustrate his power and the peace of the new Rome under his rule. Augustus acknowledged his power and wealth but at the same time neverRead MoreEssay on The Talents of Ramses the Second594 Words   |  3 PagesArchitecture, literature, and the sculpture of 7.25 ton granites busts are all talents of Ramses II, and all of which paved his way to fame, power, and an eterna l profile that was misunderstood by historians around the world. A man of many talents and achievements, Ramses II was as calculating as he was skilled. He managed to raise an empire to greatness, promote himself to a position of power so that no opponent would ever dare to challenge his reign, and (accidentally) fool historians everywhereRead MoreAccording to the modern researchers, the Mesopotamian and Egyptian civilizations likely seem very1200 Words   |  5 Pagesliterature.They both developed at the same time . However, they differed in important and some different ways, especially in terms of culture, politics, religion, art and architecture. Also, they have the geography which is their located differently. Egypt lies on the fertile Nile River valley , and desert around it.The Nile river have effect to Egyptians culture, it gave a rich natural fertilizing elements that helped Egyptian to grow plants. Also, Egyptian civilization formed by 3000 B.C. E., andRead MoreClassical Rome And Classical Greece1498 Words   |  6 Pagescivilization, out of these two classical civilizations, I believe that Classical Rome has had a bigger impact on many aspects of the contemporary United States. In this essay, I am going to examine the political system, economic system, and the architecture of the Classical Rome Empire, and explain how these influenced the contemporary United States. The political system of Classical Rome was the base of the United States’ political system. Even though the founding fathers were also influenced byRead MoreThe Great Mosque Of Cordoba Vs. Hagia Sophia1518 Words   |  7 PagesThe Great Mosque of Cordoba vs. Hagia Sophia Religion has played a huge role in the history of the world of architecture. We can get a deeper look in the minds and attitudes of people when we look at their beliefs – specifically their religion. But even though religion played a huge role in the approach to architecture, the pursuit of beauty and power can also explain to us the approaches and the outlooks of those who built or designed buildings from the ancient world. Two buildings, the Hagia

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Today’S Technology Allows One To Make Friends On The Opposite

Today’s technology allows one to make friends on the opposite side of the world; one can see another’s hobbies, music, and photos with just a click of a mouse. Nevertheless, one’s profile isn’t always what it seems; people generate fake accounts to talk to strangers. Under a pseudonym, people can protect their identity and portray themselves as someone different; this is known as Catfishing. In Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, the characters don’t have the technology we have now, but a shipwreck began the series of Catfishing in the Dukedom Illyria. The confusing love triangle encompasses Viola as a girl who dresses as a man named Cesario and falls in love with Duke Orsino; however, he loves Countess Olivia who has fallen in love with Cesario.†¦show more content†¦Malvolio is a deceptive social climber who stated how he would like to marry Olivia for her wealth and live a lavish life of luxury. Sharp-tongued Maria says, â€Å"Obverse hi m, for the love of mockery, for I / know this letter will make a contemplative idiot of him.† Maria writes a fake letter in a handwriting like that of Olivia’s to disguise herself and convince Malvolio that Olivia is writing the letter. Ordinarily, when people catfish today they use pictures of someone to create a fake profile in hopes of luring people in; in this case, the letter is the bait. Maria and the others have become extremely fed up with Malvolio’s behavior and acted out in ways of deception. The events after Malvolio finds the letter on the ground is an episode of self-validation and justification. In the letter written by Maria she writes in Olivia s handwriting saying, â€Å"†M.O.A.I† This simulation is not as the former, and / yet to crush this a little, it would bow to me†¦Ã¢â‚¬  Malvolio believes that this vague acronym is about him and begins the snowball effect of Catfishing. During this scene, Sir Toby Belch and Sir Andrew ar e hiding in the hedges and laughing at Malvolio’s foolishness. The letter goes on to say how â€Å"Olivia† has feelings for Malvolio, but cannot act on them because of her status. She requires him to dress and act a certain to confirm his love for her too. Perhaps MalvolioShow MoreRelatedCell Phone Addiction and Face to Face Conversation1050 Words   |  4 Pagesbecome more and more common in todays society, some people have a significant issue with not being able to disengage from their cell phone. So-called â€Å"smart phones,† which combine functionality of an organizer, browsing the Internet, playing tunes, and taking pictures, only worsen the reliance on one’s cell phone. Cell phones are no longer just a privilege but now have become a necessity. While using such devices for everyday tasks, work, and socializing with friends and family is perfectly normalRead MoreCollege Students Social Media Usage1340 Words   |  6 PagesIn the study, Technology Inhibiting One s Coping mechanisms with stress and loneliness, there were five focus group interviews held at the University of California, Irvine. Throughout data collection I formulated a research question, what are the differences between college students social media usage and how do they affect their connections to the campus community? Technology has grown exponentially in the last ten years changing the ways young adults communicate and understand one another. People’sRead MoreThe Lack of Privacy over the Internet1375 Words   |  5 Pagesbecoming less of a factor to people now days and technology contributes to it. Technology is a big part of the problem in many ways. Camera are installed almost everywhere, that make it almost impossible to not have your every movement accounted for with the use of CCTV (Closed Circuit Television). Social media also contributes to the lack of privacy one may have, by ones choice to post about their private lives including their fa mily and friends. With so many devices that are being developedRead MoreTechnology s Progression And The Advancement Of Human Societies1486 Words   |  6 Pageshuman race to make great strides in many fields, they have also allowed forms of transgression to become more rampant and widespread. This is evident when considering how traditional bullying has evolved into an issue today known as cyberbullying. While bullying and cyberbullying are often similar in terms of form and technique they also have many differences. Unlike traditional bullying, cyberbullying allows the offender to mask his or her identity behind a computer. This anonymity makes it easier forRead MoreCommunication Modalities in the Field of Healthcare949 Words   |  4 Pagespurpose of this paper is to identify and examine one specific mode of communication used by consumers and health care professionals, here the emphasis would be given on the system of electronic medical records. Other things which would be discussed related to this are the benefits to the patient, the issue of maintaining patient confidentiality, the effective means of communication and the overall impact brought by the chosen media. Introduction In todays world, the care of patients is a task whichRead MoreRequirement Six : How To Classify Cultures1490 Words   |  6 Pageswhat they value. I do think that you could look at that culture and say that they are not putting themselves in a position to be successful in todays society. Based on my viewpoints on this, I would say that the culture that I have grown up with is better than that of a native American tribe. However, neither one is good or bad. The opportunities that allow me to be successful are far greater than those presented in many other cultures. Requirement Six: Is Culture a Unique Human Experience? IRead MorePleasantville Essay1690 Words   |  7 PagesPleasantville Essay A lot can happen in sixty years, and America is no exception to that statement. It is arguable that one of the biggest differences regarding America in the 1950s to modern America is culture. The movie â€Å"Pleasantville† reflects much of these cultural differences from 1950s to today in a creative and thoughtful way. It also provides much useful insight into the cultural conflicts America faced throughout the 1950s. The many differences between 1950s culture and modern day cultureRead MoreCause And Effect Of Technology882 Words   |  4 PagesThe Effects of Technology There is no escape from technology.In most cases this is actually a good thing and not such a problem as it’s made out to be. To understand technology; first we need a common definition. Technology is anything that makes a task easier for someone or something. Technology has changed almost all of the ways in which we live our lives. Technology was once non existent in most households as people believed that life was built purely on life experiences. Nicholas Carr statedRead MoreThe Relationship between The Use of Technological Communication and Social Skills in College Students 1793 Words   |  7 PagesThis study examined the relationship between the use of technological communication and social skills in college students. A total of 100 male and female undergraduate students at John Jay College were surveyed about their social skills, technology use, Internet behavior and attitude. 60 of these participants, chosen at random, participated in a conversation taking place in a lab setting that was observed by researchers, in order to evaluate non-verbal social skills. The hypothesis was that participantsRead MoreCellular Devices Have Evolved Through The Ages939 Words   |  4 Pagesand a telephone booth at every street corner. The devel oping technology of cell phones has created a society in which nearly everyone today possesses their own individual phone. People may ask, is this rapid change creating a positive or negative impact on our society? Most Americans would respond quickly by saying â€Å"positive.† This is correct to a certain degree. Cell phones enhance communication and extend our connections. However, today’s research proves these ideas to be wrong, when overused. The

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Pavlovian and Operant Conditioning Learning free essay sample

A study on Pavlovian learning in relation to operant conditioning. This paper compares Pavlovian learning and examines the similarities and differences of classical conditioning and operant conditioning. It states that all behavior is learned and therefore can be modified. The author argues that the differing learning theories are in fact simply two different perspectives on the same phenomenon. Although Pavlovian and operant conditioning are usually classified as different types of learning, it may in fact be more accurate to define them as two different perspectives on the same type of learning. We may most easily see how this is the case by beginning with a definition of each of these forms of learning. The model of Pavlovian learning is one of the most famous paradigms in psychology: It is hard to imagine that there is anyone who has not heard the story of how Pavlov taught his dog to associate the sound of a ringing bell, and indeed taught him this so convincingly that after a while his dogs would salivate in anticipation of eating even when there was only a ringing bell and no food. We will write a custom essay sample on Pavlovian and Operant Conditioning Learning or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page

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Militarism Essays - Empire Of Japan, Militarism, Japanese Militarism

Militarism Japan's political journey from its quasi-democratic government in the 1920's to its radical nationalism of the mid 1930's, the collapse of democratic institutions, and the eventual military state was not an overnight transformation. There was no coup d'etat, no march on Rome, no storming of the Bastille. Instead, it was a political journey that allowed a semi-democratic nation to transform itself into a military dictatorship. The forces that aided in this transformation were the failed promises of the Meiji Restoration that were represented in the stagnation of the Japanese economy, the perceived capitulation of the Japanese parliamentary leaders to the western powers, a compliant public, and an independent military. The ground work for Japanese militarism was a compliant Japanese public. This pliant public was created through a variety of factors. Beginning in the 1890's the public education system indoctrinated students in the ideas of nationalism, loyalty to the emperor and traditionalist ideas of self-sacrifice and obedience. Thus ideas that were originally propagated to mobilize support for the Meiji government were easily diverted to form broad support for foreign militarism. Japanese society also still held many of the remnants of feudal culture such as strong confusion beliefs that stressed support for social order and lack of emphasis on individualist values. These values taught obedience not to a democratic but to the emperor; so the fact that the militaristic government of the 1930's ruled under the emperor meant that the Japanese were loyal to this government just as they had been to the government of the 1920's. So when Japan's militaristic government implemented programs characteristic of totalitarian governments such as strong media control, a thought police, and community organizations the public did little to protest. Shintoism provided a religious justification for nationalism and support for the militaristic government. Shintoism before the 1930's was primarily a nativistic religion which stressed nature and harmony. But during the 1930's it became a ideological weapon teaching Japanese that they were a superior country that had a right to expand and that its government was divinely lead by a descendent of the sun god. The independence and decentralization of the military allowed it to act largely on its own will as characterized in the Manchurian incident in 1931 and the Marco Polo bridge explosion in Shanghai. Because these incidents went unpunished and the Japanese public rallied around them the military was able to push for greater militarism and an increasingly active role in government till the entire government was run by the military. The London Treaty and Japan's rejection by large European powers at the Versailles conference angered many in the military who felt that Japan was being denied its place at the table with the great powers. This lead to a disenfranchisement with the parliamentary government who the military felt had capitulated to the western powers in treaties and by stopping its colonial expansion during the nineteen twenties. Once Japan commenced on the path of militarism it found that because of its technological edge it could defeat other Asian powers this increased Japan's sense of superiority and feed the fires of nationalism. These fires grew as following the 1931 Manchurian incident Japan invaded Manchuria then most China. In South East Asia Japan quickly expanded breaking up British, Portuguese, and Dutch colonialism. Japanese militarism occurred not by an organized plan but rather through passive acceptance by the Japanese public. A compliant Japanese public coupled with a independent army were two factors that pushed Japan toward militarism in the 1930's.

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death penality essays

death penality essays Ignorance has many forms, and all of them are dangerous. In the nineteenth and twentieth centuries our chief effort has been to free ourselves from tradition and superstition in large questions, and from the error in small ones upon which they rest, by redefining the fields of knowledge and evolving in each the distinctive method appropriate for its cultivation. (Peters, 1985) What is torture? From the Roman jurists of the second and third centuries to the historians and lawyers of the present, those who have taken the most trouble to consider the question have come up with remarkably similar answers. In the thirteenth century, the Roman lawyer Azo gave this definition: Torture is the inquiry after truth by means of torment. In the twentieth century legal historian John Heath wrote: By torture I mean the infliction of Physically founded suffering or the threat immedialty to inflict it, where such infliction or threat is intended to elicit, or such infliction is incidental to means adopted to elicit, matter of intelligence or forensic proof and the motive is one of military, civil, or ecclesiastical interest. (Peters, 1985) The reason I had to say a little about torture is that it is a form of punishment that for many centuries was carried out in the name of the law. I cannot believe that for many centuries it was acceptable to torture someone to try to get the truth about a crime. Torturing someone does not get the truth to come, out it simply gets the person to tell you what you want to hear just to get the torture to stop. Reading through several books I had to ask myself isn't the death penalty a form of torture? Ernest Van Den Haag writes: I have heard moral philosophers express the view that although capital punishment could not be approved, its abolition is an impossible political goal. To struggle in behalf of the vicious and wicked requires more tolerance than most people can muster. There are other...

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The Rosie Project Discussion Questions

'The Rosie Project' Discussion Questions In some ways, by Graeme Simsion is a light, fun read for book clubs that need a break from heavy books. Simsion does, however, give groups plenty to discuss about Asperger syndrome, love, and relationships. Hopefully, these questions will help you have fun discussing the book. Spoiler Warning: These questions contain details from the end of the novel. Finish the book before reading on. Discussion Questions Dons character is both more aware of some dynamics (social, genetic, etc) and also very oblivious to some of these. Take, for instance, when he is giving the lecture on Asperger syndrome and he says, A woman at the rear of the room raised her hand. I was focused on the argument now and made a minor social error, which I quickly corrected.The fat woman- ​an overweight woman- at the back? (10)What are some other examples of this kind of behavior that you remember from the novel? How did this add humor?The reader is supposed to understand that Don has Asperger syndrome. If you know anyone with this diagnosis, did you think it was an accurate portrayal?There were several times in the novel when Don misses the social rules, but the case he makes for his side is very logical. One example is the Jacket incident (43), when he does not understand that jacket required means suit jacket and tries to argue all the ways his Gore-tex jacket is superior. Did you find this, and other times l ike it, amusing? What were some of your favorite scenes? Did hearing his perspective make you rethink social conventions? (Or consider using the standardized meal plan?) Why do you think Don is so drawn to Rosie? Why do you think Rosie is drawn to Don?At one point, Don says about one of the father candidates, Apparently he had been an oncologist but had not detected the cancer in himself, a not-uncommon scenario. Humans often fail to see what is close to them and obvious to others (82). How does this statement, about people failing to see what is in front of them, apply to the different characters in the novel?Why do you think Don was so successful at selling cocktails? Did you enjoy this scene?The novel mentions that Don struggled with depression in his early twenties and also talked about his strained relationship with his family. How did he cope with these issues? Are he and Rosie similar in the ways they deal with hard parts of their past?What did you think of Gene and Claudias relationship? Was Genes behavior humorous or frustrating to you?Did you think it was believable in the end that Don would be able to see from the Deans perspective, the pe rspective of the student who cheated, Claudias perspective, etc? Why or why not? Did you guess who Rosies real father was? Which parts of the Father Project did you like the most (the basement confrontation, the bathroom escape, the trip to the nursing home, etc)?Graeme Simsion is publishing a sequel to The Rosie Project in December 2014- The Rosie Effect. Do you think the story could go on? Would you read the sequel?Rate The Rosie Project on a scale of 1 to 5.

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The Papua Conflict Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 6750 words

The Papua Conflict - Research Paper Example In spite of the linkages between two New Guinea regions, the European colonialists formally separated the two in 1895 and 1910. Even though the Dutch seized the western part and Germany and Great Britain the eastern side, it did not matter much to the indigenous people. Nevertheless, this division was to have a large-scale impact on the population in the Dutch side after the 1949 Indonesian independence. In 1828, the Netherlands demanded ownership of the West New Guinea, primarily due to its geographical closeness to their territories in the East Indies. The intention appears to have been only to thwart other colonialists, especially the British, from setting up outposts there. As argued by Meinisma, a Dutch historian, the Dutch demands for possession was driven by Sultan of Tidore’s claims for territorial rights. Because the Sultan was the Dutch’s ‘vassal’ â€Å"that portion of the island was accounted to belong to the Dutch Indies.† In truth, the power of the Sultan was confined to a number of coastal communities on the Bird’s Head Peninsula, and as mentioned in the 1884 British correspondence : There is no evidence of the Sultan’s authority having ever been recognized by the natives on any part of the Mainland, or of his people having ever visited any part of it. This is generally admitted by the Dutch writers. It was only in 1898 that a minor government was established under the Dutch Resident at Moluccas’s Ternate.... rnate was initiated only due to the insignificant presence of the Dutch in New Guinea did not merit an independent government there.9 Yet, in 1902 a fierce deliberation occurred in the Dutch congress on whether there should be an independent budget for New Guinea from the East Indies based on the fact that it belongs to Polynesia whereas East Indies was a part of Asia.10 Eventually, for governmental reasons, the connection with Ternate was sustained. Yet this agreement directed Indonesia at self-government to assert that the region was a fundamental section of the Republic. After the Dutch rejected it, it became a root of intensifying conflict between the two nations all over the 1950s and 1960s.11 In the end, under pressure from the American government and possibility of an Indonesian assault, the Netherlands accepted withdrawal from the region and give it to a provisional United Nations organization. In the New York treaty ratified by the Indonesians and the Dutch on August 1962, i t was decided that the United Nations would later on move governance of West Guinea to Indonesia.12 A UN group was to go back to help Jakarta mobilize a movement for independence.13 Its function was to find out whether the Papuans wanted to become an Indonesian province, or prefer autonomy. Roots of the Papua Conflict The roots of the Papua conflict are diverse. They involve not just continuing disagreement over independence but also hostilities rooted in the olden times and persistence of state-supported military activities, violations of human right, and a value of freedom. Moreover there is unending ethnic dispossession in the welfare, education, and health sectors brought about by a mixture of state indifference and environmentally, ethnically, and socially disruptive major development

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To develop a policy to address an issue identified in a practice Research Paper

To develop a policy to address an issue identified in a practice setting in nursing - Research Paper Example This is achievable through the establishment of an effective bedside policy that promotes effective hand off in the health care setting. Reporting in this case refers to the transfer of accountability, responsibility, and authority of a patient and their care from one caregiver to another. Bedside reporting, on the other hand, refers to a concept that involves providing a report to the incoming caregiver in the presence of a patient. This report provides a policy that seeks to maximize the benefits bedside report (Athwal, Fields, and Wagnell, 2009). To maximize the benefits of bedside report in the hospital, nurses will be required to adhere to the following policy initiatives. Firstly, immediately on the day of admission, a bedside nurses or any other hospital staff will be required to explain briefly the process to patients and families, as well as invite patients and families to form part of the bedside shift report. In addition, bedside shift nurses will be required to give patients a brochure on the bedside shift report. Secondly, at each shift, nurses must ensure that the shift report takes place at the patient’s bedside. At the same time, nurses will be required to invite patients and families to take part in the shift report. Anderson and Mangino (2006) observed that, in some instances, patients or families might not be privy to certain information or diagnosis. However, bedside shift report is not the right place to discuss bad news. In this regard, nurses will be required to refrain from divulging any sensitive information or diagnosis during bedside shift. Instead, they will be required to follow the procedure set out by the hospital for discussing such sensitive information. Families also tend to complicate matters during bedside shift report (Griffin, 2010). This sometimes makes it difficult for nurses to know

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Visor Essay Example for Free

Visor Essay Visor, is the handheld computer which Handspring company wants to release to the market to compete its market competitor Razor which produced by 3Com company. However, what is interesting is both companies has contacted IDEO for product design. Palm company, which is one of the 3Com devisions, has a successfully achieved its targets working with IDEO through its legendary product development process to produce Palm V handheld computer. IDEO enabled to translate the vision of Hawkins which was the Palm pilot at that time to reality which gave Hawkins the trust to work again with IDEO in his company Handspring. IDEO product development process is unique, it goes through five development stages which started by understand/observe, visualize/realize, implement/detailed engineering and finally Implement/ manufacturing liaison. Each phase has its targets and deliverables that has to be achieved to move to next phase. However, IDEO has been asked to design Visor to be compatible, smaller and cheaper than Palm V within a limited time that cutes down the development process which could effect the quality of the product. IDEO now has to decide weather to proceed the clint order and take all the consequences or advice Handspring to extend the development process time to create a killer product. From a business perspective, the features that Handspring asked to be designed into its handheld product are competitive but yet its not enough to compete the current market leader. However, maybe the cost would be the main factor which effect this competition. I believe releasing the product with this lower standards wont help Handspring to achieve its targets. here will be that barrier which prevent customers to shift to the new product. what i suggest is giving more time to development process and develop that killer product which then could successfully acquire market attention. What made these companies and other worldwide companies likes Apple choosing IDEO for designing their projects is the designing philosophy that they follow. IDEO is a pioneer in combining engineering with art to produce an aesthetic allycompetent products. Additionally, IDEO has covered all the designing services that is needed for developing and manufacturing new projects such as; mechanical and electrical engineering, industrial design, ergonomics, information technology, prototype machine and cognitive psychology. IDEO is believing in flat organizational structure, no titles, positions or even dress code are existed, only the how excited the individual is in leading the project. This organizational structure is differ IDEO from other startups and big companies which are appleying bureaucratic hierarchal systems to achieve their organizational targets. However, only few big companies like google enabled to implement such a flat system. I believe that these organizational approaches are based on the nature of companys business more than randomness. Its really hard to control a company with 10,000 employes using this methodology. It would cause a managerial problems, process delays and waste of money and time. IDEO believes that failure is enlightened trial which help the company reach production accuracy. Moreover, there is no a wrong idea, any idea has rose will archived for future project. The environment which allow all employes to design his or her own workplace, awarding them by giving more competitive projects and organizing these events where individuals and groups can present there latest projects and designs, it is the culture which characterized IDEO from all its competitors, awarded and made the company a leader in designing felid. Never go to a client without a prototype and If the picture worth thousand words, a prototype is worth ten thousand Thats what prototype constitute to IDEO. It is the most valuable tool which allow the company to communicate with its customers, experts, marketers and end users. Transform the visualizing image of a product into a tangible object is helping the two parties to be ensured about the final design. In prototyping, IDEO does not aim to perfect the prototype more than creating a a quick and simple ones which allow a greater number of iteration. Rapid prototyping at IDEO followed the three Rs : Rough, Rapid and Right. which the final R focuses on creating several models with Right product aspects. In comparison with software development, both systems use a minimal planning and faster designing to make it easier to write or to make and then eligible to make any changes. Palm V is a resulted from accumulative process of five phases started as Palm which had superior features than its competitor at that time Apple by graffiti program for writing, syncing and a size of deck cards that can store address, numbers and calendar. However, after this product has introduced to the market, Startups began to enter the market acquiring market share. Hawkins decided to to contact IDEO to create a slimmer and sleeker version of the existing Palm with a new targeted market segment, Female users. When they first started, IDEO couldnt find customer feedback and data regarding the current palm product to begin with, so they decided to buy thousand of these devices and distributed them among friends and employes to generates feedback about the product. Additionally, they involved female member to the team and other females groups to achieve that targeted focus. A weekly meetings has been held to get the client in touch with development process and to make any necessarily changes. IDEO suggested serval changes and improvements to the current product such as change the battery to the rechargeable lithium ion batteries and using the industrial glue?.? Some of these changes accrued due to the lack of experience and knowledge so they shifted the manufacturing to Asia. By the end of phase 2, 20-25 prototype were produced which used the CAD to help create accurate industrial model. Finally, in last two phase they started to test prototypes and meet governmental requirements and then to production.

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Your Better Half:Hemisphere Specialization of Language :: Biology Essays Research Papers

Your Better Half:Hemisphere Specialization of Language You probably write with a particular hand, kick a ball with a particular foot, peer through a telescope with a particular eye, and raise the telephone receiver to a particular ear. It is thought that this has to do more with your brain and "neurological wiring" than habit. But what does this mean? You have probably heard of hemispheric lateralization- hemispheric referring to the division of the brain into left and right halves, and lateralization describing the brain's tendency to make the two halves specialize in controlling different functions (1). Furthermore, the right side of your body is controlled by your left brain while the left side of your body is controlled by your right side of the brain. The connection between the hemispheres is the corpus callosum, a thick band of nerves. One of the most common beliefs is that the left hemisphere controls symbolic processing and rational thinking whereas the right hemisphere is more artistic, intuitive and creative (2). Many myths have emerged from this idea (5). We often hear students complain about being "right-brained in a left brained world" and others claiming that they do not perform well in a particular subject because they are either right-brained or left-brained. I remember being told that you should listen to lectures with your "dominant" side of my brain. In fact the idea has become so infused in today's society that we see several prevalent views of the left brain/right brain theory. A couple years back there was a car advertisement for Saab, which claimed the car as a "car for the left side of your brain." With so many simplified and popularized views of brain lateralization the task of sorting the fantasy from reality is daunting and not so easy. The big question remains standing- does hemispheric asymmetries exist and if so to what extent can we categorize functions as right or left brain, looking specifically at language? At first glance the human brain appears symmetrical, leading one to wonder how it is that behavioral asymmetries emerge from biological identical hemispheres. Yet there are many cognitive and behavioral asymmetries in humans documented, many of which can be attributed to one hemisphere of the brain or the other (1) (5). Yet before we explore hemisphere specialization it is interesting to note that the left and right hemisphere have shown to function independently.

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“A” Is for “Absent” Essay

In a recently published article called â€Å"’A’ Is for â€Å"Absent’† by Chris Piper a proofreader for The University of Texas at Arlington who wrote about how enrolling in a course which he dreaded to do but decided to take the course anyway to complete now rather later. Piper initially received high grades on almost all projects. Being absent ultimately caused him to drop ten points and he ended with a final grade of a â€Å"C† due to his absences. Piper â€Å"admittedly feels like he earned the grade that was given to him at the time†. He also admits the syllabus clearly states what would occur if he missed more than the allotted â€Å"freebies.† He feels as though if he’s receiving great grades on test, quizzes etc†¦ he shouldn’t be penalized for his absences. Piper feels like as long as he’s paying for his education he should be able to do what he likes as long as he maintains high scores. Being absent ultimately causes you to miss the most essential parts of class. You miss class participation, peers, directions and test or quizzes that may be given on any given day of that class. Being absent is a way of saying that this class isn’t that important to me. As a peer in your class if I work hard just like you but you receive the same grade as I do but are never there, that doesn’t send a great message to me nor to the rest of our peers. Being a student requires you to attend class on a regular basis. When you feel like you’ve earned that grade that you’ve received you either feel as a student you worked hard or you haven’t. Paying for an education is a choice that you make coming to class is another. However, rules are rules and need to be followed. A paid education to me means you need to work double hard to maintain what great grades you achieve. Nothing in life is free, you get what you deserve. As long as I’m paying for their services it’s my choice to do what ever I like to do. Chris feels that â€Å"professors who implement attendance policies often argue, if this were a job, and you failed to show up, you would be fired.† However, there’s a difference between going to work and going to class. A job pays for your services and going to school I pay for there services. As long as I’m getting high marks when I do attend I shouldn’t be penalized and this is my choice. In conclusion, being absent, earning the grade and self paying for my education all seems fair but not to Chris Piper who feels like absences shouldn’t affect his grades especially if you’re paying for your education. He should be able to do what he likes as long as he maintains high scores. â€Å"A† Is for Absent Essay â€Å"A† is for Absent Some college professors follow the â€Å"not required, but explicit† attendance policy. Some professors make it very clear that students attend all classes, but it is not enforced through grade reduction. Broward College in Hollywood Florida suggests that each professor create an attendance policy with the syllabus, but does not insist on any penalties. The virtues of this includes treating students as consumers of education rather than kindergarten children by letting the student know that the professor holds classroom attendance in the students best interest, and will provide quality instruction to the students who attend. Excessive absenteeism can affect the outcome of the career path that the student has chosen. Why be mediocre when you have the ability to excel in any given class. Colleges need to find a way to treat students like adults while also ensuring enough of them show up for class to succeed. Your transcript is like a prison record, it will follow you where ever you go. â€Å"A† is for Absent The University of Maryland’s attendance policy states, â€Å"students are excused from attending classes in cases of emergency or religious holidays. The University of Maryland does not insist upon attendance nor do they asses penalties, moreover, Maryland does not require that any professor create his or her own attendance policy for the students enrolled in each professor’s class. Northern Illinois University’s policy on attendance is,†if a student misses more than four classes in a course that meets three times per week, the professor must lower that students grade by at least letter†. This type of policy gives advantages by not only ensuring classroom attendance, but by making it very clear to the students what will happen if they miss class excessively. A different version of this policy is found at South Seattle Community College, which recommends that the professor not decrease the students grade if they miss less than 20% of the semester. There is a clear and obvious link between class attendance and performance. Student who come to class regularly and are well prepared tend to do much better than the students who do not. The purpose of attendance policies is to ensure that students attend classes regularly, and to ensure that the student is successful upon graduating. â€Å"A† is for Absent http://www.south-seattle-cc-attendance-policy-college-students.html http://www.broward-community-attendance-policy_students.html;_ylu=X3oDMTBtdXBkbHJyB

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Advertising Billboards Essay

Everywhere you look these days you see a billboard or advertisement selling or promoting a product, it’s inevitable. You get in your car to go somewhere and look out the window and you are surrounded by them or you open a magazine and every other page is an ad promoting something. You walk into a store or public place and at every turn there is something staring you in the face. Since billboards are so big and visible from a distance they are hard to miss. It’s basically shoved in our faces without us having a choice, but to look and glance at it. Since we are exposed to this and this is something that everyone goes through on a daily basis, we tend to ignore a lot of it until something catchy or interesting catches your eye. Advertisements make things more appealing and make us more inclined to buy products. With the amount of competitors out there selling the same products, advertisement companies try and beat them out by coming up with attention getting ads. Advertisements these days seeming have more and more sexual content in them making them borderline inappropriate to fully inappropriate and unnecessary. See more: Experiment on polytropic process Essay This can be a negative effect on the public causing image issues and men and women being degraded. By using sexual innuendos and images, advertising companies are catching the attention of the public in bad and negative ways. Most advertising ads, whether on T. V. or on a billboard have some aspect and sort of sexual content involved. Many billboards or advertisements have a sexual hint in the message which may be taken literally and figuratively. They have two meanings depending on how you take it. It is usually a simple everyday product with a statement or saying to catch your attention. For example while looking at ads online, I came across an ad for a Toms Ford Fragrance. This ad contains a woman with red lipstick and red nail polish, she is clearly naked as she holds her breasts and the bottle of cologne is in between them. Now this woman has nothing to do with the cologne whatsoever, but I bet she helped sell a lot of the product which is directed at men. Why was it necessary to have her half naked in the ad? Because sex sells. Another ad and billboard I came across was for Ace Hardware. You have the Ace logo in the right corner and on the left in white writing against a black backdrop reads, â€Å"Need a good screw? Now this has a double meaning, you can take it literally as in needing a screw for maybe a project or something around the house or figuratively in a sexual way and meaning sex. Are these forms of advertising necessary, no, but it catches people’s attention and aids in selling and getting their product out there. Nudity has even become a major component in selling. Advertisement companies may think sex sells so they glorify it and use it. Yes, it helps to sell the product, but what affect does that have on society. Sex often has nothing to do with the product. If you look at clothing ads for top selling companies, it’s normal to see a woman or a man posing in a pair of jeans with their shirts off standing with their â€Å"perfect† bodies. Or you’ll see a woman in a bathing suit advertising for a hamburger company. Why do they need their shirts off or why does she need to be in a bathing suit? Because again sex sells. They are not completely naked but there is a lot of skin showing. This can create image problems in our society and make us self conscious as we try to strive to be like what they see in the ad or on TV. It causes body issues as you want your body to look like theirs, skinny and toned. Self esteem is a major issue that our younger generations are faced with especially in girls as they try and look like these women. For decades advertisers have come up with an â€Å"ideal† for the perfect woman. This woman represents what five percent of women look like, yet this body type represents 98% percent of the women seen in the media (Kilbourne). People look at themselves and compare themselves with what they see and tend to want to emulate it. Seeing these ads over and over with people you may want to look like can distort your thinking. You may start to dress like these ads and in turn are showing more skin because you think this is acceptable since it’s all you see around you. Or if you see a new product being advertised you want you go out and buy it not really needing it, but just want it because it’s the new â€Å"it† item, you can become never satisfied with things because you’re constantly out buying the new stuff. Sex appeal is a factor because would you buy something from someone who is considered less attractive? No, would be a common answer to some because our surroundings and being are built on looks and we are a very vain society where looks matter. So with companies having this way of thinking, how do others view this? They most likely are thinking the same thing. From commercials to infomercials you see beautiful people posing and acting selling something you may want. It can and may degrade men and women. Men are shown in these ads, but if you notice it’s mostly women who seem to be objectified to sell the products. Women are widely seen as sex symbols, so why not use them in ads. It’s become so common to see women half dressed that I don’t think we really realize what is being put out there. It has become a norm to see raunchy or inappropriate billboards and laugh. Many don’t see it as degrading, but as funny and entertaining. So imagine if we find humor in the ads and billboards now, just how far will the companies go to push the envelope to sell something. Using men and women in these ads in sexual ways only objectives them and we shouldn’t have to see them that way just to sell a product. Using â€Å"sex sells† is sending a bad message to the public. I think we should change our way of advertising and censor the ads a bit. Be considerate and respectful and realize that that ad might offend someone. There are a lot of people who feel these ads are wrong and shouldn’t be advertized. In fact, numerous women and men contacted the organization National Organization of Women (NOW) to complain about the sexist beer ads that for example were ran during the football season (NOW). NOW is just one of many organizations out there fighting for the cause of changing advertisements. So with people on board of changing the way billboards and ads are being presented and put out there we will one day see a change or at least see a reduction in the sexual ads out there. We as a society should see what is being put out there and see that what they are promoting is only a product.

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Informative Essay Sample on John Bosco

Informative Essay Sample on John Bosco John Bosco was a saint known for his strong will of teaching children and people about their faith. He was born in the year of 1815 and died on the sad year of 1888. He started many oratories even though Saint Philip Neri refused to let him, he started them anyway. When he was younger than age 2 his father died, and his mother had to support three other children, Bosco’s brothers. John had to work as a child, he was a Shepard (kind of reminds you of Moses.) Bosco was an intelligent child, he could memorize many things easily and was full of wit, as he grew older he wanted to learn more. He felt that he must turn down his job as a Shepard and start learning and going to school. Due to his poverty he had to go back to the fields turning down the education. John Bosco had a rough childhood yet he found hope when he went to a seminary and became a priest. As soon as he left the seminary Bosco went to a city called Turin where he entered into his labors as a priest. Bosco went to p risons, to sick people and to schools. He made children abandon the worst places and enter the faith. John Bosco was a great man, he created the Silesianu society. He was born to a poor family and yet thrived. John Bosco left the seminary and arrived at Turin he saw the reality of what he was supposed to do, he took many children and took them to the oratory. The numbers of students increased drastically and the school was too small for this. John Bosco helped many people; he forced Saint Philip Neri to let him construct an oratory outside of Rome. John Bosco was thriving with his oratory, but â€Å"everything that has a beginning has an end† (Matrix, revolutions) this oratory was called the Refugio. John Bosco was always energetic and active with his students; he played soccer with them everyday and talked to them. He did not believe in punishing his students for he thought that they could be taught through words. His students adored him and cared for him, when he was sick they would pray for him. One time, when he was in his late 50s he was really sick; he was on the border of death at one time, it was impossible for him to die, his students, prayed and prayed. They pleaded god to spare him, that they still needed him. That was john Bosco’s miracle, he was saved from his mortal disease, he was spared by god, he made through, but with consequences, Bosco gathered seven hundred members for his oratory and then his fatal day came, he died. He was granted a saint by pope Piuss the sixth. Lots of people remember john Bosco for his fortified spirit and great faith. Even though he spent most of his life at hard times he always worked forward and finished what he started. He had a hunger for knowledge and that is why I believe he taught, he wanted to fill the minds of the young, he wanted to make them spiritually formed and physically in the sense of knowledge.

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History and Geography of Guantanamo Bay

History and Geography of Guantanamo Bay Located four hundred miles from the mainland United States, Guantanamo Bay in the Guantanamo Province of Cuba is the oldest overseas American naval base. It is also the only naval base in a communist country and the only one that has no political affiliation with the United States. With 45 miles of naval infrastructure, Guantanamo Bay is often called the Pearl Harbor of the Atlantic. Due to its remote location and jurisdiction, Guantanamo Bay has been deemed by one United States government official as the â€Å"legal equivalent of outer space†. History of Guantanamo Bay At the wake of the 20th century, the U.S. formally leased this 45 square mile parcel from newly independent Cuba to use as a fueling station. The lease was renewed in 1934 under Fulgencio Batista and President Franklin D. Roosevelts administration. The agreement required consent of both parties should either want to withdraw; that is, reconsider U.S. occupation of the base. Diplomatic relations between the U.S. and Cuba were severed in January of 1961. In hopes the U.S. will forfeit the base, Cuba no longer accepts the $5,000 annual American rent. In 2002, Cuba officially requested that Guantanamo Bay be returned. Interpretation of the 1934 mutual consent agreement differs, causing frequent squabbles between the two countries. In 1964, Fidel Castro cut off the base’s water supply in response to the U.S. government fining Cubans for fishing near Florida. As a result, Guantanamo Bay is self-sufficient and produces its own water and electricity. The naval base itself is divided into two functioning areas on either side of the bay. The east side of the bay is the main base, and the airfield occupies the west side. Today, both sides of the base’s 17-mile fence line are patrolled by U.S. Marines and Cuban militiamen. During the 1990s, social upheaval in Haiti brought over 30,000 Haitian refugees to Guantanamo Bay. In 1994, the base provided humanitarian services to thousands of migrants during Operation Sea Signal. That year, civilian employees and their families were evacuated from the base to accommodate for the influx of migrants. The migrant population climbed upwards of 40,000. By 1996, the Haitian and Cuban refugees had filtered out, and family members of the military were allowed to return. Ever since, Guantanamo Bay sees a small, steady migrant population of about 40 people each year. Geography and Land Use of Guantanamo Bay The bay itself is a 12-mile long north-south indentation and is six miles across. Islands, peninsulas, and coves can be found on the east side of the bay. The Guantanamo Valley lies west of the bay along the Sierra Maestra. The lowlands on the west side are adorned in mangroves. Its flat nature makes it ideal for Guantanamo’s airfield. Similar to many American towns, Guantanamo Bay is furnished with subdivisions, baseball fields, and chain restaurants. Roughly 10,000 people reside there, 4,000 of which are in the U.S. military. The remaining residents are family members of the military, local Cuban support staff, and laborers from neighboring countries. There is a hospital, dental clinic, and a meteorologic and oceanographic command station. In 2005, four 262-foot tall wind turbines were constructed on John Paul Jones Hill, the highest point on the base. During the windiest months, they provide the base with about a quarter of the power it consumes. Since the sharp population rise in 2002 of military and support personnel, Guantanamo Bay boasts a golf course and an outdoor theater. There is also a school, but with so few kids that sports teams play against groups of local firefighters and hospital workers. Separated from the base by cacti and elevated landforms, residential Guantanamo Bay bears much similarity to suburban America. Guantanamo Bay as Detention Center Its true nature and inner workings are somewhat elusive to the American public and are under constant scrutiny. One can only speculate on the future of Guantanamo Bay and as history suggests, its utility and habitation are ever changing.

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Nonverbal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Nonverbal - Essay Example ited to personal space or proxemics, facial expressions or kinesics and a more commonly noticed modern issue known as aesthetics or ones external beauty. The nonverbal rule I have chosen includes not one but two, utilizing aesthetics and proxemics to view reactions and changes in interactions. In the experiment I undertook I chose to dress as a person from the street and sat next to a person we can call Mary at a bus stop. It became readily apparent that my being here was a distraction and she soon took her phone out and began having a whispered conversation with another unknown individual. While her tone was pleasant her body synchrony showed extreme anxiety that increased with small looks in my direction as she inched a little bit at a time down the bench to avoid me. As the minutes dragged on I stood up and moved closer to her side and then sat down again, her reaction was immediate and she stood up and walked around behind the bus stop to the opposite side. I attempted to speak with her and introduce myself, while explaining my actions she was not unfortunately entirely willing to converse as a result I decided to approach another individual. My next unfortunate subject we can call Tom, entered the bus stop directly following the exit of Mary and immediately sat down on the opposite side of the bench. His actions clearly showed his lack of desire for any interaction, his arms were crossed, and he placed headphones over his ears and lowered his eyes to look in front of him. I decided to sit down in front of him within a meter or so. His reaction was immediately apparent and he moved quickly and openly to the opposite side of the bench. I then shuffled slowly to the bench and sat down directly in the middle of it my location was less than an arm’s length from Tom. I began playing with the crumpled newspapers I had and kicking noisily at various pebbles and items on the ground in front of us. He quickly decided that this was not to his liking and asked me

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Technology in the school Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Technology in the school - Essay Example They have no time to think about the damaging consequences. An individual gives highest priority to the time-saving products, without pondering about its concerns on body, mind and soul. In this essay, apparently on a simple topic, Ed Bell sounds the warning bell about the consequences of showing disrespect to some of the natural ways of doing things and advises the necessity of avoiding mechanical movements. He makes the following statement: â€Å"Although technology has improved society in many ways, we use it indiscriminately, not distinguishing the good from the bad† (470).According to the author, technological advancement does not always contribute to the welfare of humankind. He lists the advantages and disadvantages of raking vs. blowing the leaves and in the process creates a new pattern of thinking, and throws questions about the tendency of the human being to challenge the functioning the nature in a thoughtless manner. (472) Beautiful gardens are built with care. When the roaring machines attack the greenery of the yard, it looks like the demons take over and are out to destroy nature. The author depicts the advantages of using leaf rakes versus blowing (using vacuums) Using rakes is considered as an antiquated method and the progressive individuals argue that leaf rakes need to be consigned to the annals of history. Undoubtedly the blower has some advantages like time saving, and the technical ability to remove leaves from close spaces and easy to use especially for individuals with disabilities. Blowers or vacuums also do the job of shredding the leaves and make available ready-to-use mulch. But the advantages of raking are many and it is a pleasant and not a noisy system. Ed Bell argues, â€Å"But even if it does take longer to rake than to blow, the extra time spent raking provides the exercise that we need. One look at the human body will tell you it is built for raking—it wants to rake!â⠂¬ (Mauk,,

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Combating Compassion Fatigue Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 3

Combating Compassion Fatigue - Essay Example It ensures that the nurse associates with the feelings of the patients and that as the nurse cares for the person and their family, and they are moved to act with empathy. Compassion fatigue in this case of nursing describes a state of exhaustion with severe malaise that ensures form caring to patients and their significant others that experience different aspects of emotional spiritual and physical pain (Yoder, 2010). The cost nurses pay for caring for patients. When compassion fatigue is not addressed in the early phases, it results to burnout. However, several differences are notable between the two terms. The conflict in the work setting of the nurse serves as the impetus for burnout while interpersonal intensity and emotional engagement are the impetus for compassion fatigue. Most of the time if the nurse is unable to cope with compasses fatigue and therefore to show compassion while caring for the patient, guilt and distress may result. Consequently, failure to adopt proper coping strategies for burnout result into powerlessness, fatigue and frustrations. There are several etiologies and risk factor to compassion fatigue. These include the nurses who are first responders. These categories of nurses like the trauma and emergency nurses are more predisposed to first-hand strategies than others as they are at the front line of caring for these patients. These nurses are more predisposed because they daily have an obligation to meet patient needs on a â€Å"moment to moment â€Å" basis and in a comprehensive manner. These makes these nurses have a strong empathically and emotional connection to these patients. This element of their work is made worse by a lack of formal support systems frequently to counter the squeal of negative feelings from their work (Coetzee & Klopper, 2010). The other risk factors are found in nurses whose personality easily identifies with the nursing profession. These nurses have a

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Indias Economic, Social and Political Development

Indias Economic, Social and Political Development Discuss how India has changed economically socially and politically with respect to other parts of the world. India is a developing country located in Asia; it is the second most populated country in the world. India in the past decade has changed economically, socially and politically. India has become an increasingly important part of the global economic landscape over the past decade. Its economy has become more open to international trade. Its workforce is growing strongly and the rate of investment has picked up following economic reforms. This essay will be aimed at the economic political and social changes in India with respect to other parts of the world. Economic Changes Looking back at the first decade of the 21st Century (2000-2010) we strongly consider that this decade certainly can be called India’s Decade of Development. The structure of the Indian economy differs in some important respects from that of most other developing economies, the population is growing and its economy has benefited from its working age population expected to grow till the next four decades. Mukesh Ambani states that â€Å"As long as we place millions of Indians at the canter of our thought process, as long as we think of their welfare, their future, and their opportunities for self-realization we are on the right track. For India can grow, prosper, flourish only if they grow, prosper, flourish. We cannot grow by any esoteric strategies. Our purchasing power, our economic strength, our marketplace all depends on the prosperity of our people† (n.d.). India’s economy has had a rapid change in real terms; the growth in per capita income has been modest over the past decade. In terms of constant prices, the per capita income which was Rs. 16,173 in (2000-01) rose to Rs. 24,295 by (2007-08) and to 26,618 in (2009-10). That is a rise of 64 percent over the decade. The per capita income would have been higher but for the global economic crisis which pulled down the countrys growth rate during 2008-09 to 6.8 percent from 9.3 percent in the previous year and 9.6 percent in the year before (Adam Mark , 2010) (Nirupam Jeffrey, 2011).(This can be seen in Table 1 below) Table 1 Source: Economic Survey, various issues, Ministry of Finance, Government of India Social Changes There has been a rapid social change in India over the past decade. The social structures of India has transformed in over the last two decades. There has been an amendment in some areas like family, caste system, and marriage system. The Indian family structure has changed due to the effects of modern social forces. There has been modifications in the way families relate and operate. The main structure of an Indian family is the joint structure whereby the family members live under the same roof in this type of family structure the eldest male is the head, he make the decision on behalf of the whole family. However, the properties and money belongs to everyone. In actual fact, the joint family system is losing significance and an urban family type is been practised thereby causing a causing a change to a nuclear family system (Mahesh, 2011). According to (C.H Cooley) ‘When a class is somewhat hereditary, we may call it caste’. The caste system India has changed with the effects of modern education, industrialisation, social reforms, change in legislation, and the influence of modern communication systems. Hereditary social structure, fixed occupations and food restriction were prominent in India whereby you have to continue your family’s occupation and behaviour also there are different jobs for different caste types for example there is a certain caste to become a soldier. However, caste systems are losing their importance as modernisation and sanskritisation have changed the way people think and behave (Calicut, 2011). There are four main types of marriage in India which are polygyny, polyandry, endogamy and monogamy. However, there has been a tremendous change in the marriage structure; monogamy is now the practised marriage system in India as a result of others been legally prohibited. Also the influence of parents in choosing their children’s partners has really reduced and children are now choosing their partners. In addition there has been alterations in the age of marriage and a man under 21 years is not allowed to marry while a woman under 18 years cannot marry (Mahesh, 2011). International relations The Indian economy has become more diverse and globally integrated, as the Indian economy benefited from the high working age population so as other countries benefited from this. The population in India has attracted a lot of investors due to the fact that labour is cheap and also political factors have also influenced the rate of foreign investors. Apart from this technological factors have also played a major role in the increase in investment as most electrical parts are exported from India however, India has become a resourceful location for electrical and technology companies India is increasing its importance as a trading partner to countries, and there has been increase in the investment of GDP in India over the past decade. India is the world’s fifth largest oil refining country, it has a strong trading relationship with United Arab Emirate which is a major importer of processed petroleum products also India is a significant importer of precious stones which are mostly processed and exported to other countries. In addition, India is a good exporter of iron ore although iron ore has a low share of its total export due to the high export duty fees applied to promote growth in the country’s steel sector (Adam Mark , 2010). (As can be seen in Table 2) Table 2 Source: UN Comtrade In conclusion, during the past decade there has been a lot of changes In India. The Indian economy due to political changes has become very strong, there has been an increase in the GDP and India is now mentioned among the top four developing countries (BRIC).In addition, there has been a lot of social changes in India including factors like caste, marriage system, education and family structure; these factors have played a significant role in the changes recognised in India today. India is the second most populous country in the world with an estimate of 1.26 billion people (Statistics, 2014).As a result of this, the Indian economy will continue to grow as over 65% of the population is below 35 years old. India’s relationship with other countries has also been strengthened following necessary reforms and India now trades with a lot of countries also the rate of foreign investors has increased. Finally it can be said that if developing countries like India, China, Brazil, Nigeria, Russia etc. continue to grow at this rate they would challenge the sovereignty of developed countries like the USA, UK, France, Germany etc. References Adam, C. Mark , B., 2010. Economic Change in India. Bulletin, September, pp. 19-24. Calicut, U. o., 2011. India society and Social change. [Online] Available at: [Accessed 10 June 2014]. Mahesh, C., 2011. India Society and Social Change. In: H. Mohamad, ed. India Society and Social Change. Khozikode: Computer Section, SDE, pp. 15-38. Nirupam, B. Jeffrey, S. D., 2011. INDIAS DECADE OF DEVELOPMENT. [Online] Available at: [Accessed 19 June 2014]. Statistics, W. P., 2014. World Population statistics. [Online] Available at: [Accessed 19 June 2014]. [i] 1 [i] Rs = India Rupee Rs1 =  £0.0097 (BRIC) = Brazil Russia India China

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Kurt Vonneguts Slaughterhouse-Five :: essays research papers

A Look into the Human Mind In his powerful novel, Slaughterhouse-Five, Kurt Vonnegut tells of a man named Billy Pilgrim who has become unstuck in time. He walks through a door in 1955 and comes out another in 1941. He crashes in a plane in 1968 and ends up displayed in a zoo on the planet Tralfamadore making love to Earth porno-star, Montana Wildhack. He ends up in the cellar of a slaughterhouse when Dresden is bombed to ashes during World War II; Billy, his fellow Americans, and four guards were the only ones to live through the bombing. The Boston Globe best explains the book when it says it is â€Å"†¦poignant and hilarious, threaded with compassion and, behind everything, the cataract of a thundering moral statement† (back cover). Vonnegut looks into the human mind of a man, traumatized by war experiences and poor relations with his father, and determines insanity is the result. Billy’s father is a source of his instability from the beginning. Mr. Pilgrim treats Billy as if he has no feelings and he is a disgrace to him. Unfortunately for Billy, fathers are very influential in a boy’s growing up. In a terrible encounter with his father when Billy was young, Mr. Pilgrim sets the stage for Billy’s insanity: Little Billy was terrified because his father had said Billy was going to learn to swim by the method of sink-or-swim. His father was going to throw Billy into the deep end, and Billy was going to damn well swim. It was like an execution. Billy was numb as his father carried him from the shower room to the pool. His eyes were closed. When he opened his eyes, he was on the bottom of the pool and there was beautiful music playing everywhere. He lost consciousness, but the music went on. He dimly sensed that someone was rescuing him. Billy resented that. (43-4) Billy is also traumatized by the extreme loss in his life. Everywhere he looks, he experiences great loss. First his father dies in a hunting accident, then he gets in a plane crash and everyone aboard dies but him, and while he is in the hospital recuperating, his wife dies of carbon monoxide poisoning. There is so much death surrounding his life, that it is no wonder Billy has not tried to kill himself yet. Billy proves throughout the book that he is not mentally stable, yet somehow, he is persuasive in his interpretation of the truth.

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New Hire Essay

Dear Mr. Hendricks, My name is Brad Johnson and I am writing you today because I understand you are looking for a new mechanic for your racing team. I would like to inform you of my experience in order to prove to you that I am the right fit for the job that you are offering. I have been following your career as the owner of the top NASCAR team for quite some time now and have always dreamed of being involved with such a successful race team. I have looked forward to being a mechanic since my freshman year of high school. I already have a racing background and hope to expand my horizons by becoming involved with NASCAR and Hendricks racing. I am only twenty years old, but I have been racing and wrenching on my own machines and vehicles since I was nine years old. I have paid keen attention to your team’s track record and I know that your engines are some of the most reliable engines out on the track each and every week. I would like to become the head mechanic for Hendricks racing someday in the near future, but as of now I would be perfectly fine with working as an apprentice to gain my experience and hopefully take over the head mechanic position. I have not only gained mechanical experience from working on my own vehicles and machines, but I have also gathered experience from work and school. I took auto shop in high school for two years and at that moment I knew what field I was to enter after high school. I also had a part time job at fabrication shop in Morgan Hill, California. This shop was Pacific Fabrication and I worked as an intern to broaden my knowledge in the automotive field. I learned a lot at this shop and continued to pursue my career in this industry. After working as an internship for a year, I decided to take my knowledge even further by joining the ThinkBig program offered by Caterpillar at Delta College in Stockton, Ca. I have been going to school to earn my Associates degree and also to get training to become a journeyman technician. I was hired by Peterson CAT as an apprentice and have been working with Peterson for over a year now. Thankfully they have put me through school and helped me grow in the field of a dealer service technician. I love what I do but am looking to go further in life by gaining  more experience and working on machines that I truly have a passion for. To be honest, many people discount my credibility as a technician because I am very young still and may not be as experienced as most of your other tech’s that work for you, but what I lack in age and knowledge, I make up for in my willingness to learn and my ability to reach my goals. I hope you consider me for such an opportunity. I could be a beneficial asset to your company. I have always been interested in high power engines and would love to become your next engine builder. I have been racing long enough to understand that the key to winning is having high quality engines that produce great power and outlast those in competition. I believe that with time and training I could continue to produce engines for your team with just as good of a track record. I have a keen attention to detail which is a necessity when building these high output engines. When I am put to a task I do not ever cut corners to complete it. I have always put much effort into what I do. I never do anything half-way. I have always given my best effort when it comes to completing a task. With the recent advancements in technology, more and longer term mechanics are finding it difficult to work on these machines. Almost everything now days are controlled by some type of computer system. Just a few years ago the engines in NASCAR were carbureted and completely mechanical. With recent advancements in technology, these cars have all been updated to electronic fuel injection systems. Now that these engines are controlled and programmed by a computer, many older mechanics are not able to comprehend this new style of tuning and adjusting which may lead to drawbacks in your racing team. I have been trained through Caterpillar to work on these newer style engines which are all controlled by computers. Most of the work we have been taught is to use laptops to program and troubleshoot problems which is a necessity for fine tuning these engines to make the most power while maintaining reliability. All in all I am a hard working young man that is eager to learn. With the right opportunity I will become the master mechanic that the Hendricks racing team needs more than ever now with the recent advances in technology. I recognize that I am young and may not be the most experienced applicant, but with my eagerness to learn, attention to detail, and experience with these new style computer systems, I am sure that I would be a great match for the Hendricks racing  team. My background knowledge and experience with racing gives me the leading edge over those general mechanics who have not received any kind of formal training in this field. I will strive to be the best employee and technician you have ever had, and I will do all I can to continue to represent Hendricks racing as the best racing team in the history of NASCAR. Thank you for your time and consideration. Sincerely, Brad Johnson

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Explanation of Human Behavior Essay

The history of evolutionary psychology began with Charles Darwin, who proposed that humans have social instincts that evolved by natural selection. Darwin’s work inspired later psychologists such as William James and Sigmund Freud but for most of the 20th century psychologists focused more on behaviorism and proximate explanations for human behavior. As school psychology transitions into an outcome-oriented profession, we continue to evolve new ways to bring science into applied practice in schools. This evolution is critical to the continued importance and viability of school psychology in U.S. schools. In the years since the inception of school psychology, many applications of science in practice have occurred, each with increased effectiveness. We stand at the threshold of the next iteration in that direction. ( Best Practices in School Psychology V) Psychological each perspective has its strengths and weaknesses, and brings something different to our understanding of human behavior. For this reasons, it is important that psychology does have different perspectives to the understanding and study of human and animal behavior. Genetic potential theoretical optimum performance capability an individual could achieve in a specific activity after an ideal upbringing, nutrition and training. In real terms it may be assumed that the finalists in a world championship are among the human beings whose performance comes closest to their genetic potential. Environmental influences sometimes it depends on the environment we grow up in are known to affect traits like our height and weight and out IQ, and our chances of developing a behavioral problems. The roots of all behavior and cognitive are to found in both our biology, due to genetic inheritance, and in experience, due to are environment.  So it involves nature and nurture. Personal choice is on the other side, nurture. The idea that people are products of their environments, and environment/socialization is a big factor in making people who they are, the messages they absorb, the behaviors they are compelled to imitate, which presumes all manner of social constructs that don’t exist in real life yet are assumed to exist in the same way/same forms because of the general outcome (for instance, the myth of â€Å"shared girlhood† and the idea that all small humans absorb socialization  of one form or another in the same way as everyone else as these passive receivers of external things that most of them may not even understand.) The ability to choose is what makes humans human. We can even alter the evolution of our own species, consciously, via free will and choice. Humans can make themselves whatever they choose to, because they chose to. References: Introduction to Psychology and Research Methods

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Essay on Business Plan

Essay on Business Plan Essay on Business Plan Dr. Magic Business plan Industry Analysis Washing the hair has become a near universal practice. Shampoos are assumed importance as a product category with the advent of synthetic detergents. In early times, shampoos could be defined as an efficient cleansing method for hair, but today shampoos must do much more. According to Statista, shampoo sales increase up to $13.96billion in total in 2011and 2012. Customers have higher requirements of shampoos as their income level increase. â€Å"More than 35% of consumers generally look for natural personal care products to avoid cosmetics that contain synthetic chemicals.†(ReportLinker) Introduction Our brand, Dr. Magic, seeks for producing natural and professional organic shampoo for customers and is expected to show a magic for customers whose hair is dry through the use of Dr. Magic. The mission statement of high-valued products requires us take advantage of pure natural plants to satisfy the increased customers’ needs for health-oriented products. Price/Pricing The price of Dr. Magic organic shampoo is divided by what the capacity is, because it is organic product, it will be just a little expensive than the other shampoo products. With 300ml Dr. Magic organic shampoo is about 10 dollars each, with 500ml is about 15 dollars each. Product The product that we are selling is organic shampoo. Differently with normal shampoo, we add organic ingredients into our Dr. Magic shampoo, and for different types of hair, we have different types of shampoo. Each nutrient is extracted from fruits and oils of our nature. The Dr. Magic shampoo itself will be smooth and will make hair smooth and soft after using. The Dr. Magic shampoo can be used daily by all the people who have desire of beautiful and healthy hair. The size we are serving are 300ml and 500ml and our Dr. The bottle will be made with thick plastic so that it is waterproof in the shower and the flexible plastic also makes it easier for a consumer to squeeze the liquid out of the bottle while using it. In order to keep the bottle sealed, it comes with a plastic cap on the top as well. What’s more, the bottle be bright green which can psychologically meet the thoughts of green and natural. In addition, we will put our phone number and mailing address on the bottle so that customers can contact us if they have any questions and concerns. We will also put our website link on the bottle so that customers and contact us online and also learn more about our products. Magic products will be available at all the grocery stores and supermarket. Promotion The fundament message we seek to convey in promoting Dr. Magic is that natural women deserve a natural shampoo. As a small business company, Dr. Magic promotes positive self-image and strives to aid women in cherishing their hair. Dr. Magic will promote the organic shampoo as a product that is kind and healthy on the hair. We will relay this idea with the slogan ‘an all natural shampoo for a natural you’. We will use a one voice strategy through integrated marketing communications to relay this important message to women. In order to convey this message, our ultimate goal in promotion will be inform consumers of Dr. Magic’s benefits. Because the Dr. Magic shampoo is on the introductory stage, we will use a particular advertising approach. This approach will describe the materials we used to formulate an organic option that delivers quality cleansing and conditioning to the end user. We want consumers to believe that the results of our natural shampoo are equally effective as the other shampoo in the market. Our advertisement will be communicated through TV, internet and magazine media. We aim to show the TV advertisement during the TV play in America and China. The TV commercial will show various environments while a spokesman for Dr. Magic explain their commitment to

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nuclear energy essays

nuclear energy essays Nuclear Energy should be produced because it is an alternative to fossil fuel. Nuclear energy helps to conserve our national resources that we use as fuel such as coil, oil, and natural gas. Another pro of nuclear energy is that radiation that is given off by nuclear energy is mostly thought of a very dangerous thing but it can be used in positive ways too. For example, if you break a bone a doctor can inject a radioactive phosphorous compound, which is a compound that concentrates on active growth surfaces of bone. Then the doctor can see which part of the bone has been broken or set in an improper position because of the phosphorous compound concentrating on that region. We should not allow nuclear energy production, because nuclear energy is how atomic bombs were created. Atomic Bombs is a bomb that derives its great explosive force from the sudden release of Nuclear Energy through the fission, or splitting, of a heavy atomic nuclei. In Wold War II the US dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki killing thousands and thousands of innocent civilians. If it were not for nuclear energy this weapon of mass destruction would not be able to be made. Another reason nuclear energy production should not be allowed is because of the potential for dangerous radiation to get out of the nuclear power plant and cause many deaths and long term harmful effects to the people subjected to such radiation ...

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Conventional Letter Salutations in English

Conventional Letter Salutations in English Conventional Letter Salutations in English Conventional Letter Salutations in English By Maeve Maddox A reader asks if a letter salutation can include more than one honorific. For example: Dear President Dr. Turner The short answer is, â€Å"not in English.†    The conventional letter salutations in English are these Dear Mr. Adams Dear Mr. and Mrs. Adams Dear Ms. Adams Dear Margaret Adams Dear Harry  (if you know the person well) Dear Dr. Adams Dear Dr. and Mrs. Adams When the name is unknown to the sender, the following are common salutations: To Whom It May Concern Dear Finance Officer Dear Editor Dear Sir or Madam The conventional English honorific for a man is  Mr. For a woman, even if her marital status is known, the preferred form is  Ms. For a medical doctor or a person with a PhD, the appropriate honorific is  Dr.    Note: British usage does not put a period after these abbreviations.    If the sender knows the recipient’s name but not the sex, a gender-neutral solution is to use the first and last name: Dear Cory Simpson Other languages have other conventions, including the practice of using more than one honorific. For example, in German, when addressing a professional like a doctor or a lawyer, a writer may use two honorifics: Sehr  geehrte  Frau  Rechtsanwltin  Fischer. (literally, â€Å"Very honored Madame Lawyer†)    Sehr  geehrter  Herr  Doktor  Strauss  (literally, â€Å"Very honored Mr. Doctor Strauss†) Foreign letter-writing conventions tend to creep into English in the context of foreign affairs. For example, I found the following usage on sites written in English: Dear President Dr.  Jakaya  Kikwete- Open letter to the president of Tanzania, published on the Greenpeace site.    Dear President Dr. Fischer- open letter to the president of Austria, published on the Human Rights Watch site. Such usage is not idiomatic in English. The writer must choose one title: Dear President Kikwete or Dear Dr. Kikwete Dear President Fischer, or Dear Dr. Fischer It’s up to the sender to decide which title is more desirable in the context. Related posts: How to Format a US Business Letter Starting a Business Letter with Dear Mr. â€Å"Dear Sir† and Other Business Conventions Want to improve your English in five minutes a day? Get a subscription and start receiving our writing tips and exercises daily! Keep learning! Browse the Business Writing category, check our popular posts, or choose a related post below:50 Idioms About Talking55 Boxing IdiomsStarting a Business Letter with Dear Mr.

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Herzog and de Meurion Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Herzog and de Meurion - Essay Example Herzog and De Meuron manage to preserve their identities as modernist architects. Their early works cite significant inspiration from the minimalist art of Donald Judd. Both also regard Joseph Beuys as an important motivator to their designs as they collaborate with different artists in each individual project. From the formation of their architectural partnership in 1978, Herzog and De Meuron evolved to be the best in their field. From simple styles of rectangular-inspired architectural designs, the complexity of their adventure in the phase of the Modernist Movement allowed them to adopt and develop complex and dynamic geometric shapes and patterns for their designs. Along with the maturity of skill and technique, innovation when it comes to the use of materials is also taken into account. Herzog and De Meuron’s imagination led then to the use of exterior materials such as silkscreened glass to the down-right simplest plywood (Craven). All of these, no matter how grand or si mple, no matter how expensive or cheap, work to the advantage of these Swiss architects. Both are significantly considered as important figures in architecture. They are regarded as primary institutions when it comes to modernism. The honor they received in 2001 through the prestigious Pritzker Architecture Prize (Craven) was but a tiny complement as compared to the reputation they had built upon the development of their careers as architects. With much said about the prestige of both architects, it is also important to note that the most important development in the lives of both as professionals occurred upon their designation as primary architects of the 2008 Olympic Stadium in Beijing or more famously known as the Bird’s Nest Stadium. It was in that moment that the modern architects almost went into a conversion of style, adhering to the rules and tenets of post-modernism. However before

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Describe and discuss the concept of the various theories of strategic Essay

Describe and discuss the concept of the various theories of strategic management and how information systems can be utilised to - Essay Example In this scenario, information technology provides a lot of tools that can help organizations implement strategic management effectively. Information system is a very useful tool which is currently used by the organizations to implement business strategies. This paper will discuss the concept of strategic management in detail. This paper will discuss how information systems can be useful for the organizations in achieving strategic advantage. This paper will also outline some challenges which are faced by the organizations while using information systems. Strategic management: A detailed overview Strategic  management  refers to a business methodology that is useful for the utilization in order to make the most competent use of available assets and resources in the process of operating some organization. However, the basic idea behind any  strategic management process  is to assess the existing status of the operation and all of its individual components, we must identify whet her those components are being utilized in such a way to attain maximal outcome, and to expand and implement the required changes when and as necessary. In addition, if organizations successfully utilize this approach, it can help them improve the overall performance of the business; we have to move the business nearer towards reaching its declared goals. However, we should keep the expenditure of raw materials, supplies and other related resources in stability with the returns that are generated by the business efforts (Tatum, 2010). The idea of strategic  management  is not only used by the large companies. Even a small business that encompasses no more than one or two persons can use this decision-making technique to get advantage from the basics of this methodology. Whereas, the exact nature related to these processes and tasks necessary for the operations will be quite different between a mom-and-pop seller and a corporation which is considered as multi-national. However, t he common idea behind this  managing  process will still be uses and considered as valid. When we apply these principals to the real-life conditions of the business, it is often likely to maximize the use of existing resources, reduce waste in the place of work, and eventually have a positive outcome on the bottom line of some organization (Tatum, 2010; Pollard & Hotho, 2006). In simple words, the term strategic management refers to a process by which a group of people or organization can examine the fact where they are at present, and also in addition they can think about where they want to be in the near future perspective and how they can create the visual ability and reality as when to reach where they want to reach in the coming future (Sulaiman, 2010). How Organizations use Strategic Management For achieving a competitive benefit position and also enhancing the organizational performance as compared to their competitors are the

Article reflection Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Reflection - Article Example Larsen-Freeman and Long, (1999) have however discussed the second language acquisition from the culture of the western nations only and this therefore means that their research is only culture specific and cannot be generalized to other cultures in the world. According to Todd and Gonzalez, (2011), Different cultures have different language acquisitions and their first language is not always English. Further research therefore needs to be conducted which will lead to the application of information of SL, NNS and NS to other cultures or generalize the information above so that it considers other cultures as well and benefits their recipients such as the children equally. Even though Larsen-Freeman and Long, (1999) are not culturally competent in their discussion of second language acquisition my emulation of their information in teaching will involve offering specific attention to each student language-wise no matter their cultural differences. I believe that children are different from each other and the needs of one cannot be generalized to that of another. The information provided about second language acquisition has and will continue enabling me concentrate even more with the students also use the knowledge provided by Todd and Gonzalez, (2011), to try to bring them to the same level as the rest of the children. The research article together with the research by Todd and Gonzalez, (2011), has changed my understanding of the NS-NNS as well as the second language acquisition of the children which were previously misunderstood as cheekiness or even rudeness. The information gathered will lead to changing of thinking perspective and ensure putting more into the thought process and even engage in multi-dimensional thinking to avoid making assumptions and hence delaying to assist the people in need at the right time. One question about the

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Discussion questions Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 2

Discussion questions - Coursework Example Developing accurate expectations about the position to be occupied by aspiring employees is vital since it saves both individual and the company considerable time and resources. Inflated job expectations always results in new employees quitting the jobs after short stints (Schmitt, 2012). A Realistic Job Preview (RJP) is a recruitment approach employed by an organization in view of communicating vital aspects of the roles prior to offer of a job. This approach protects the merit system, enhances employee commitment and reduces turnover. Moreover, RJP provides the potential employee with a clear picture of what to expect as regards to the job (Schmitt, 2012). The elements of an effective recruitment action plan comprises of time horizons of recruitment activities. It also stipulates the approach of classifying applicant pool targets while also identifying the most appropriate techniques of contacting the targeted