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According to NAMI (), schizophrenia is a long term mental illness that interferes with a persons ability to think clearly, make decisions, and relate to others, impairing a person from functioning to their full potential when left untreated. For these persons affected, it is many times difficult to distinguish what is existent from what is not. Unfortunately, no single simple course of word exists. Research has linked schizophrenia to a multitude of possible causes (NAMI).As stated by NIHM, the preponderance of schizophrenia is about 1 in every 100 people in the general population. Ten percent of the people who have first course family members with the disorder, such as a brother, sister, or parent, also have schizophrenia. A longitudinal incidence study was conducted in the Netherlands to further study prevalence everyplace 10 years of the general population. According to (ANNUAL INCIDENCE GALILEO), the incidence rate of schizophrenia was 12/100,000 per year. The study found tha t incidence rates were higher in men than in women. The results also showed that there was a peak in incidence rates between the ages of 15 and 25 with a decrease by 40% after 25 per ten years. The results also indicated that the incidence rate was higher in urban area, but found no association between incidence rates and living in deprived areas. Although presumed to be relatively infrequent in presentation, the existence of late onset schizophrenia is now accepted by the International Consensus on Late Onset and Very Late Onset Schizophrenia Group. LOS patients tend to experience more positive and fewer invalidating symptoms. (LATE ONSET SCHIZOPHRENIA).The etiology of schizophrenia would the diathesis-stress model, involving both hereditary and environment... ...esnt move or respond to others. Catatonia is rare today, but it was more common when treatment was not available (NIHM).Negative symptoms refer to the absence of normal behaviors found in functional humans (HELP GUIDE). Stated by the NIHM, negative symptoms may be harder to recognize and layabout be mistaken for depression. Some examples could be the flat affect, where a persons face does not move and talk in a monotonous voice, lack of pleasure, lack of ability to start and sustain activities, and little verbal communication. One category of negative symptoms includes cognitive symptoms. Cognitive symptoms can include poor executive functioning, trouble focusing, and problems with working memory.Other than symptoms, there are also types of schizophrenia, three to be exact. There is paranoid schizophrenia, disorganized schizophrenia, and catatonic schizophrenia.

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Ethnicity and Latin America Essay example -- History Latin America Ess

Ethnicity and Latin AmericaLatin America and the American colonies were tamed based on all in all different ideologies. From a Latin American perspective, the most important of the European explorers were of course, the Spanish and the Portuguese. These explorers arrived in Christopher Columbus new world with the express goal of pitch glory and prestige to their homeland. In stark contrast, settlers came to the colonies seeking freedom from the religious persecution in Europe. The different approaches used in each area affected how soundly and to what extent the African, indigenous, and European cultures combined and shaped the characteristics of the regions today.When the Europeans arrived in America in the 15th century, they encountered the American Indians for the first time. Though only some Native Americans do deliberate contact with the settlers in attempts to work peacefully, the entire population felt the new presence. In addition to the violence shown to the savagesoften in order to shoot down their landsdiseases for which they had no immunity were introduced, therefore resulting in devastating losses of life. As attempts at civilizing the redskins began, some of the Natives accepted the absorption into the new society while many a(prenominal) rejected the change and strove to maintain their culture. Years later began the long-standing and undeniably cruel establishment of slave labor in America. Whether they arrived free only to later be captured by slave catchers, or they entered by way of the West Indies as captured African black gold, black slaves endured over a century of conquering and discrimination. Halfway between the end of the American Civil War and the growth of the civil rights movement, the beginn... ...Spanish and Portuguese in Latin America were far more evaluate of other Europeans than of other races. To this day there remain disparities in ethnic distributions Argentinas population has an overwhelming 85% of European descent w ith truly few people of mixed race, while neighboring Chile consists of 93% mestizos. The different ways in which Latin America and the United States experienced their liquidation impact their societies today. Though the backgrounds of each place are different, the results were similar the Europeans came, saw, conquered, and abused the indigenous and Africans, who built up the foundations of modern society. Despite the passage of time and encompassing knowledge of the horrors of our past, inequalities and prejudices against blacks and natives that began centuries ago exist even today.1 http//

A Feminist Look at The Descent of Odin :: Descent of Odin Essays

A Feminist Look at The Descent of Odin It is obvious that there are many differences between custody and women. Throughout history women have been taught to dress, act, and speak differently than men. These differences are so common that they can sometimes be overlooked in everyday vivification and in reading. By taking a closer look at poems and stories one can begin to see how frequently gender differences occur. Thomas blue-eyed(a)s The Decent of Odin, read from a Feminist point of becharm can reveal many examples of these differences through the use of dialogue. The Marxist Feminist view looks at the relationship between class and gender (HCAL 202). This poem was written in 1761, a time when women were considered second to men. Men spoke down to women and controlled them, specially women of a lower class. In this poem Odin is the chief of the Norse gods and the Prophetess is tho a lowly god of the underworld (Grey 61). This gives Odin control over her. The poem shows a g ood example of this control that men Odin has. When he is packing to find out who killed his son he commands the Prophetess to, Once again my call obey (51). triplet times he orders the Prophetess to obey. This continual order to obey is also a clue to the reader that Odin is of a higher class than the Prophetess. He not altogether commands the Prophetess, but also insults her. After she discovers who Odin is, he lashes back at her by saying, No boding maid of skill divine art thou, nor prophetess of good but mother of the giant brood (84-86) At the time that this poem was written chivalry was very important. Although a woman was not considered equal to a man, she was tempered with some respect if she was of an upper class. The Prophetess, however, was of a class of gods below Odin and, therefore, she was spoken to like a servant. Gender differences are further woven into the tone of each of the characters. Odin speaks forcefully as men do more often than women. He is also more direct in what he is saying, where as the Prophetess takes four lines to ask who wakes her from her sleep. Odin interrupts the Prophetess at one point in the poem, which is an action associated with men more than it is with women.

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AIDS Em Sao Paulo(POR) :: Free AIDS Essays

AIDS em So PauloO Brasil ocupa lugar de destaque entre os pases com maior nmero de casos conhecination de AIDS, contabilizando 170.073 casos (at 30/08/99), com a epidemia sem evidencias de controle. A AIDS vem infectando principalmente pessoas cada vez mais jovens e pobres. As prticas sexuais so as formas de transmisso mais importante. Por outro lado, as mulheres vm sendo infectadas mais e mais, com genus Uma velocidade de aumento da epidemia superior ao que ocrre entre os homens, sendo que nos ltimos anos a relao entre os casos notificados em homens e mulheres de 3 a 1. Um reflexo da epidemia alcana cada vez mais as mulheres, a crescente affecto na transmisso materno-infantil do HIV.No Estado de So Paulo, este situao particularmente mais grave, aqui j foram notificados 85.590 casos de AIDS (at 31/12/99), que cerca de 50% dos casos notificados no Brasil. A Cidade de So Paulo, com uma populao 30.000.000 habitantes, acumula 39.042 casos notificados (at 31/12/99), representando pr aticamente 25% dos casos do Pas. Aqui, a AIDS, representa a segunda movement de morte entre homens adultos desde 1991 e a primeira causa de morte entre as mulheres da mesma faixa etria desde 1993.Com 70% da populao que ganha at tres salrios mnimos e quatro milhes de menores abandonados, no difcil compreender a suitao. O crescimiento pode ser justificado por vrias razes, tais como mudanas do comportamento sexual a relao direta e indireta com as drogas a epidemia de AIDS a dificuldade dos portadores de DST no acesso aos servios pblicos de sade entre outras. Esta dificuldade de acesso aos servios pblicos de sade observada em muitos estudos. So Paulo, sendo a cidade mais grande do Latin America, da um terrvel prognstico de o que pode ocorrer no resto de continente.

Jackie Bouvier Kennedy :: essays research papers

She held us together as a family and a country. - Ted Kennedy. Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy, the charming young wife of John Kennedy, had a huge impact on America. Everyone seemed to love her. She was admired worldwide. Jackie was one of the most influential women of her time. She set the style and held the interest of many Americans. Sometimes people seemed more interested in her than the professorship himself. On a tour in India, more people came to see her than Queen Elizabeth There are countless articles and books about her. Even a chick was created in her image. Besides that, there are Barbie clothes modeled after her outfits, Jackie Christmas ornaments, and a Jackie stamp set. People looked up to her, she was an influential role-model. A 1964 poll showed that she was the most-admired adult female in America. Jackie was more appealing than the previous presidential wives. She was young, pretty, original, and dignified. She definitely helped increase the popularity of her husba nd.John and Jackie were viewed as a dream couple. They were young and attractive. They seemed very some(prenominal) in love and their years at the White theater were referred to as the Camelot years because of the couple?s fairy tale, happily-ever-after appearance. People wanted to be handle the Kennedys. The citizens liked having a good looking, happy couple for their president and first lady. Many people liked the president because of his wife.Jackie brought big changes to the White House. She transformed it from a museum-like residence to a real home. She redecorated the White House with beautiful furniture and art. To help raise money for the restoration, Jacqueline wrote a book about the White House that raised $250,000 in the first three months. Jackie also brought young children with her. There hadn?t been children as young as Caroline and John Jr. in the White House for many years. She brought in a French chef and threw elegant parties. For the 1961 inauguration, she hire d Oleg Cassini to create a glamorous wardrobe.These beautiful clothes dazzled the nation. Jackie elysian a whole new look and had a big influence on the current styles.

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Morality in J.B. Priestleys An Inspector Calls Essay -- J. B. Priestl

An Inspector Calls EssayIn Act One of An Inspector Calls how does J.B. Priestley use dramatic devices to convey his concerns and ideas to the members of the audience, as well as interest and involve them in his play?An Inspector Calls is a morality play - a form of play developed in the late middle ages in which a Christian moral lesson was brought out through the struggle between the forces of good and evil - set in 1912, and revolves just about the questioning of a family by Inspector Goole about the suicide of a young woman (Eva Smith) that the family knew.The author, J.B. Priestley is trying to show us what some peoples arrogance and egotismishness good deal cause without them even noticing. Priestley was a socialist, therefore by writing this play he was drawing attention to the bad things about capitalism. The Inspector was intending to teach the Birlings that ?...we urinate to share something. If there?s nothing else, we?ll have to share our guilt? Act One. By saying this, he is telling them they are all as guilty as each other of the suicide of Eva Smith, this also links to Priestley being a socialist because he is putting the Birlings to shame.The doorbell ringing appears to weaken the two moods (before and after the Inspector arrives). Priestley has used dramatic irony by making the doorbell ring to interrupt Birling?s speech, just as he is talking about looking after ?...yourself and your own? Act One, by saying this before the doorbell rings, Birling is already digging himself into a hole before he even knows it. It is ironic because the Inspector is here to teach him his responsibilities for other people, when he is saying you should only look after your self and your family.As the Inspector enters the ch... ...y guilty and sympathetic for what she has done, whereas Mr and Mrs Birling couldn?t guard less and remain unsympathetic throughout. The dash Mr and Mrs Birling don?t care makes the play interesting for the audience, as they are waiti ng for them to crack, the Inspector also helps maintain the audiences concentration by the way he slowly unravels the story and the way he interrogates people in the order that they met the girl.I think the playwright hopes to teach people that money isn?t everything and that people who are arrogant and egocentric will get their comeuppances eventually. The moral of the play still, applies to today?s society because it makes us think about the things we do that involve ignoring people less better off(predicate) than us when we realise that there are Eva Smiths all around us just waiting for a chance to make it through the cruel ball we live in.

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In this study this student will research the negative psychological impacts associated with cyber intimidate effecting gritty school students in the Central Texas argona. The advancement of engineering as well as the Increased accessibility of both the internet and the b atomic number 18-assed age technology raises a problem associated with cyber intimidation among High School Students.By comparing the differences between traditional school yard lulling to the new age cyber bullying we are fit to see the psychological impact effecting our high school students and the negative ramifications it female genitalia cause with bingle ending result leading to suicide. This study will issuance a look at the mall focus group consisting of high school students through the quantitative research method associated with questionnaire surveys as well as qualitative analysis in the form of face to face surveys.The study is to show the importance needed to raise the necessary awareness of cyb er bullying we are able to Identify, isolate and pr scourt the tuitions that leads to and causes cyber bullying among our high school students in that locationfore drastically lowering the psychological impacts which leads to students suicide associated with cyber bullying. Upon completion of the identification process we are then ready to establish the prevention of cyber bullying which Is essentially the study concern.Age of Cyber Bullying Traditionally, bullying would consist of an Individual or a group of Individuals targeting a student at school that appeared to be weaker than them to intentionally exert physical and psychological power over their victim. However, todays technologically savvy bullies can torment victims for hours for the untainted entertainment of hurting another person.While some may designate there Is no Impact of cyber bullying to our high school students due to the lack of no physical evidence although its emotional and psychological effects are ravage for the victim and Unforgettably there has been an increase in media coverage especially focusing on the negative impact and the vulnerability relating to cyber bullying leading these high school students to the notion that the answers to their pain is in fact the sausages they are receiving from these bullies to end their lives.With the new age technology as well as the never ending seek of fond acceptance from our youth in todays community, cyber bullying can devastating and catastrophic damage to a high school students identity and self-esteem. The victims of cyber bullying may suffer from psychological effects such as difficulty with m healing emotional scars due to being cyber bullied. A case of cyber bullying that lead to another teen suicide struck the nation worldwide and brought to weakly the psychological impact of intense cyber lulling was the case of 13 year old Megan Meier.In Means case of cyber bullying her bullying began via her Namespace account with a boy name d Josh. These individuals spent weeks online chatting with Megan and the both of them exchanged flirtatious messages. Unfortunately these events turned tragic with Megan began receiving nasty messages from Josh which included the youth stating the world would be a kick downstairs household without her. Upon Means suicide finish evidence was discovered that the true identity of Josh being that of the tens neighbors mother. (Times Topics Megan Meier, 2011).Cyberbullying?For decades, physical bullying has been a consistent problem for young great deal attending school. to date the rapid growth of the Internet has redefined how students pick on one another, giving the traditional bullying a new form. Cyberbullying is now the new era of bullying where faces can be hidden and hurtful words can be stamped for the world to see. Since the creation of social networking sites, online bullying has obtain a global phenomenon and has been change hundreds of lives worldwide, especially liv es of young adults.Nobody deserves to go through a seat like this and a solution needs to be found so lives can be saved and the Internet can again be a safe engineer for allbody. Social networking websites view as changed the dynamic of the Internet in recent old age (Top 10, 2012). The old Internet cycle, which was only an outlet for news articles, is gone, it has now become much to a greater extent than just news and information, it is an outlet for entertainment and to communicate with people globally in the click of a exactlyton. There are a variety of networking websites however, the most popular and influential worldwide are Facebook and Twitter (Top 10, 2012).Quite shockingly are the statistics about social networking and Facebook numbers alone, are enough to prove the huge impact that these sites can bind a huge impact on society (Honigman, 2012). Facebook has 850 million active users every month and 85% of the women that uses Facebook claim that they have negative a ttitudes towards their online friends or more so they should be called acquaintances. Most impress is the fact that 90% of all sex related links are shared with more frequency than any(prenominal) other link (Honigman, 2012).With its pros and cons, social networking has become more of a brio style than anything else (Smarty, 2013). On the positive side, communication has become simple and easy people from all over the world have the ability to communicate with one another no matter where they are. For business to customer relationships there have been improvements, due to the fact that businesses can now market their products or services in an easier and more affordable way and customers are able to constantly be part of their favorite stores and businesses, receiving often updates and promotions.Social networking allows people with alike interests come in concert to share their ideas and feelings, in those called groups in which most of the time, the groups members do not even know each other in real life (Smarty, 2013). On the negative side, social network takes away the real face-to-face communication and that exciting feeling of receiving a letter in the mail from a distant friend or family member (Cosmato, 2013).In person socialization in a lot of cases, is turning into an almost virtual scenario, where people meet with friends but are constantly checking their phones for the latest updates on social network. An issue with virtual communication is that gives people more confidence to say no or to argue about an issue. This can disguise the personality of a person, because they are really hiding their feelings and insecurities. A major problem that is contributed by the easy access to social networking is the issue of cyberbullying.Inappropriate messages and contents can be quickly spread all over these websites with the intent to harass and damage someones reputation (Cosmato, 2013). merely as if real life bullying was not enough, cyberbullying is n ow, the newest form of destruction and interruption that someone can perform against another human beings life (Furman, 2013). Teens and even children are hidden behind their computers and cell phones with the malicious objective to attack others with hurtful words and/or images that can cause permanent damage.There is various forms that cyberbullying can be performed, such as sending messages, phone calls, impersonating someone, creating websites and blogs about the victims, and taking videos or pictures of a person in order to embarrass them (Furman, 2013). Instagram is becoming the place of choice for cyberbullies when it comes to images (Furman, 2013). Pictures of the victims are being posted together with a question that requires other people to vote, such as he or she is stupid or fat, and later, the picture is sent to the victim that will never forget the horrible insult.Being bullied online even if by a single individual is like being bullied by the whole world, considering that anyone can have access to the content and anything posted online spreads like a wildfire. Society needs to be aware that cyberbullying is a problem that affects every country, not only the United States and it needs to end (Furman, 2013). As a matter of fact, in a recent study, China was ranked the number one country for cyberbullying, 70% of young people in China claimed to already have experienced online bullying against them, followed by Singapore with 58%, and India with 53% (Shetty, 2012).According to the bounty Ditch the Labels Annual Cyberbullying Survey, even though thousands of distasteful pictures are published and shared on Instagram, still the most popular websites almost the world for online bullying are Facebook, Twitter, and Ask. fm (George, 2013). The survey sampled over 10,000 adolescents from the age of thirteen to twenty-two years of age, from different countries and seven in ten of them have experienced cyberbullying.The numbers are alarming and worthy of attention, 37% of surveyed suffered oft cyberbullying and 20% suffered extremely on a daily basis. Sadly, the study numbers likewise show that 70% of young people some the world that have been victims of cyberbullying suffer from problems with self-esteem and socialization (George, 2013). In addition, teens from Ireland actually consider cyberbullying much worse than real life bullying (Croffey, 2012). Having in mind that it is much harder to run away from the virtual worlds abuse because of its frequency and lack of place limit (Coffrey, 2012).Often cyberbullying is considered worse than traditional bullying in light of that most of the time it is done anonymously. The audience can easily be global and there is no place, such as school since all it is needed to be performed is a cell phone or computer, and the victim can be attacked 24 hours a day 7 days a week (Traditional, 2013). Traditional or online, bullying in general is a horrific problem to society and an even bigger is sue when directed to those that are going through adolescence (Traditional, 2013).Teen years are the crucial phase to a persons development and unfortunately, at this special period a variety of emotions take place leaving them vulnerable and insecure about themselves. The process of being a victim of online bullying promptly makes them believe that something is wrong with them and these insecurities together with cyberbullying can lead to terrible effects in adolescents (Traditional, 2013). Additionally, cyberbullying can have psychological and physical effects to the victim (Nelson, 2010). Although, no contact happens in real life, the physical effects are still present.Kids that suffer these attacks can experience physical effects like headaches, difficulty sleeping, brave problems, and many more issues. Side effects that cause harm to the individuals mental health are very concerning and there is a transmutation of psychological effects that an individual can suffer from onl ine bullying (Nelson, 2010) Fear plays a big role in the psychological effects associated with cyberbullying, where the person fears the situation and also develop a fear of using technology (Nelson, 2010). A sudden change in the behaviortowards computers or cell phones where the individual becomes afraid of having any contact with technology devices fearing that something could happen is a sign that something is affecting them (Nelson, 2010). Another effect is isolation in which they develop other symptoms like low self-esteem, and economic crisis that sometimes can lead to suicide (Sherman, 2011). In most cases isolation is the first effect after their issue with fear, making the victim want to lift school or social events, with a feeling of being alone against the acts of bullying.In consequence of that, low self-esteem starts to develop and can easily progress into stamp. Particularly, depression is a serious issue among teenagers and it can result in episodes of over-eating or refusing to eat, the use of alcohol and illegal drugs, bursts of anger or sadness, poor performance in school, and the most distressing, thoughts of suicide (Sherman, 2011). As indicated by the National Health Institute victims of cyberbullying have significantly higher levels of depression than victims of traditional bullying (Bock & Miller, 2010).Lamentably, depression in some cases, can result in suicidal thoughts and a research from Yale University that included 13 different countries says that teens are 2 to 9 times more likely to cogitate suicide if victim of bullying, especially online (Bullying, 2008). To compliment, another study done by The Adolescent Communication Institute of Annenberg Public Policy magnetic core showed that in the United States alone, kids that are victims of cyberbullying are four times more likely to think about suicide when compared to non-victims (Romer, 2010).Cases of suicide linked to cyberbullying are frequently focus of news headlines worldw ide (Edwards, 2013). A report shows that every year 4,500 kids take their lives in consequence of cyberbullying (Laird, 2012). Suicide is the third leading cause of teens oddment in the United States and in Australia suicide is the second leading cause, staying behind of only motor vehicle accidents (Laird, 2012). Ask. fm, a social networking website from Europe where half of its subscribers are under the age of eighteen, is linked to nine suicide cases that happened between September 2012 and September 2013 (Edward, 2013).In addition, these nine cases of suicide are important to demonstrate to society, the global mark that cyberbullying has taken over the years and how it is affecting kids from all over the world (Edward, 2013). In other for this global phenomenon to stop, the whole world needs to come together as one, and fortunately, 80% of people worldwide are aware of the problem and agree that parents and schools are the fundamental pieces in the prevention of these mean act s (Smith, 2012).In some countries, the range of parents that claim to be actively conscious of the situation are high, such as 91% in Indonesia and 83% in Poland with that being a major step for the dissolution of this problem (Smith, 2012). Besides parents, schools are very important for this process, since kids usually spend more hours in school than anywhere else except at home (Battista, 2011). Schools have an important role in educating kids and teens about cyberbullying, teaching them to have mutual respect for individuals, independent of race or gender.Even more, they need to train kids about how the inappropriate use of technology can deeply affect someones life and that even though cyberbullying is an online practice, can still be brought up to justice with harsh consequences (Battista, 2011). Equally important is the need of a reform in international legislative, where all countries should be in accordance to better perform against cyberbullying acts (Elder, 2011).Unfort unately, these procedure is not as easy at it sounds. From a total of 196 countries, only 45 have some type of law that includes online bullying (Elder, 2011). Some countries, like the United States, have not yet reach a law agreement among its states to combat cyberbullying furthermore, 28 out of 50 states in the country do not even have included cyberbullying in its traditional bullying law so far (Hinduja, 2013).Finally, social networking websites should allow users the preference to block anonymous messages doing so, harm could be avoided and potential victims saved. After all, these websites have evolved through the years, becoming a global sensation and now influencing many lives around the world. Some individuals, mostly teens, suffer the negative impacts of social networking through cyberbullying that can leave lifetime scars.Innumerous of them chose to take their lives, leaving behind families and friends with anxiety that they did not do anything to help the victim. Cyber bullying needs to be stopped before it starts, and that is why families and schools, worldwide, needs to come together and do everything on their powers to stop this heartless attacks. Moreover, the legislative brass of every country should change their laws regarding online bullying and come to a global agreement, so kids and teens can live in a better and safer place.

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Learning Disabilities Essay

Children that ar dealing with discipline disabilities get to a difficult road ahead of them. If the stultification is neglected or overlook for too long, the probability of the child falling behind in school as well as social aspects in their life is very high. However, right identifying the problem and de stipulationining the best steps to assist in managing the disability exit be vital in their young lives in helping them to progress to their goals.Life can be difficult and sometimes cruel for children, let alone children that are dealing with encyclopaedism disabilities. A knowledge disability is a neurological disorder that affects the brilliances ability to process and respond to information. Cognitive theory and children with knowledge disabilities have a close relationship. When talking roughly children who have learn disabilities, it is safe to say that they are not always identified in its earliest stage, which then can lead to long term problems in an psyches life. From physical, emotional, and social obstacles, all of which they will encounter at some point in their lives if the necessary measures are not taken to help these children.not having the organizational abilities to acquire the knowledge as it may be taught, limits the ability to properly learn. From the articles I have selected, Children With and Without Learning Disabilities A coincidence of Processes and Outcomes Following Group steering, Analogical Problem Solving in Children With Verbal and signed Learning Disabilities, running(a) memory surgical procedure in children with learning disabilities does wisdom make a difference?, The Inhibition of Exogenous Distracting Information in Children with Learning Disabilities, and Cognitive functioning as measured by the WISC-R Do children with learning disabilities have distinctive patterns of performance?, I will provide insight on how, why, and what the resolutionsare for these children.My chosen theory is relevant to my topic because a learning disability is a neurological disorder that affects the brains ability to process and respond to information. A child with a learning disability may not have any major sensational problems yet they may still struggle to keep up with people of their age in functions of learning and regular daily activities. Through our development process, we blend in equipped with skills in order to grow, succeed, and evolve into our adult life. When a development stage, cognitive development stage, shows that the staple fiber listening, comprehension, writing, reading, speaking, and the ability to reason are not present, psyche needs to identify and address the situation as advance(prenominal) on as possible in order for the child to have a risk to grow in all other stages of development.Children With and Without Learning Disabilities A Comparison of Processes and Outcomes Following Group Counseling article will help to shed some light on the events that occur during the counseling process. Analogical Problem Solving in Children With Verbal and Nonverbal Learning Disabilities will help me explain how the children struggle with problem solving when dealing with a learning disability. In the article Working memory functioning in children with learning disabilities does intelligence make a difference? will identify the importance of having a good, functioning ability to memorize and how children that have learning disabilities usually lack this ability.Cognitive Theory and Learning DisabilitiesCognitive theory and children with learning disabilities have a close relationship. When talking about children who have learning disabilities, it is safe to say that they are not always identified in its earliest stage, which then can lead to long term problems in an individuals life.From physical, emotional, and social obstacles, all of which they will encounter at some point in their lives if the necessary measures are not taken to help these children. Not having the organizational abilities to acquire the knowledge as it may be taught, limits the ability to properlylearn.A learning disability is a neurological disorder that affects the brains ability to process and respond to information. A child with a learning disability may not have any major sensory problems yet they may still struggle to keep up with people of their age in functions of learning and regular daily activities. Through our development process, we become equipped with skills in order to grow, succeed, and evolve into our adult life. When a development stage, cognitive development stage, shows that the basic listening, comprehension, writing, reading, speaking, and the ability to reason are not present, someone needs to identify and address the situation as early on as possible in order for the child to have a chance to grow in all other stages of development.An example of the theory and condition where the two are intertwined would be when a child is in school and c ould be having difficulties with what other children take for granted as be simple skills that have been learned through development and interaction with parents, teachers, etc. In this childs situation, he/she does not have the ability to understand the story that he had just read, and now has the task of answering questions about the story in writing. His cognitive development stage for some reason has not evolved the way it should have, which now has left him battling a learning disability that may have gone unnoticed by his parents.In this situation, it is now up to the teacher to be able to identify what is taking place and to make sure that the child receives the necessary financial aid and evaluation in order to help him/her overcome and cope with what they are struggling with. The difficult part in the whole process is identifying learning disabilities early on and being able to treat them appropriately and in a timely manner. With children, unless significant signs are pr esent, the struggles early on could be attributed to just being a child if one isnt familiar with the signs of a disability. Once the disability is diagnosed, many options and opportunities are present to help assist in the overcoming of the problems. However, if the disability goes undetected or ignored for too long, a lifeof challenges lies ahead for the individual.Literature Review-Children With and Without Learning Disabilities A Comparison of Processes and Outcomes Following Group Counseling. Authors bear on Leichtentritt, Judith Shechtman, Zipora. egress date Mar/Apr 2010Title of publication diary of Learning DisabilitiesSummary This study compared outcomes and processes in counseling assorts of an expressive-supportive modality for children with learning disabilities (LD) and without them (NLD). term relevancy This article provides and inside look and results into determining what the best form of counseling is for children with learning disabilities.-Analogical Problem S olving in Children With Verbal and Nonverbal Learning Disabilities. Authors break Schiff, Rachel Bauminger, NiritPublication date Jan 2009Title of publication Journal of Learning Disabilities Summary In this study, they investigated the analogical problem-solving differences between children with verbal learning disabilities (VLD), nonverbal learning disabilities (NLD), or non-LD. Article relevance This reference will help to show the struggles that LD children have in problem solving and the great disadvantage that they must overcome with this disability.Working memory functioning in children with learning disabilities does intelligence make a difference? Authors name Maehler, C Schuchardt, K.Publication date Jan 2009Title of publication Journal of Intellectual Disability Research Summary The present study explored several functions of working memory. A working memory battery with tasks for the phonological loop, the visual-spatial sketchpad and central executive director skills was presented in individual sessions to 27 children with learning disabilities and normal IQ (ICD-10 mixed disorders of scholastic skills), 27 children with learning disabilities and low IQ (intellectual disabilities), and a control group of 27 typicallydeveloping children with regular school achievement levels and normal IQ. Article relevance To show a comparison on how the functions of the brain are affected when dealing with a child with a learning disability. -The Inhibition of Exogenous Distracting Information in Children with Learning Disabilities. Authors name Censabella, Sandrine Marie-Pascale NolPublication date Sept/Oct 2005Title of publication Journal of Learning DisabilitiesSummary This article reports on an experiment examining the capacities of children with LD to inhibit exogenous interference, such as automatic, prepotent responses and distractor interference. Article relevance To support the fact that children with LD have interference with there working memory and to explain the possible solutions. -Cognitive functioning as measured by the WISC-R Do children with learning disabilities have distinctive patterns of performance? Authors name Amedeo D Angiulli Siegel,Linda S.Publication date Jan/Feb 2003Title of publication Journal of Learning DisabilitiesSummary Patterns of performance on the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children-Revised (WISC-R) have been proposed as useful tools for the identification of children with learning disabilities (LD Article relevance Support in the findings that children with an LD show a pattern in performance that can be determined in early stages in order to counteract the disability.ConclusionThe reality of the situation is that learning disabilities in children will always be around. The hope is that someday, with improving knowledge and experimentation, we will have a solution in the process of treating the disability that will allow for the children that have the issues to not feel isolated. The fear alone of a child falling behind in school and in their social life is a nerve-racking situation for that child. Identifying thedisability early and treating it properly is the key to a life without handcuffs.

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Germany in Ww Essay

History Department Year 10 domain of a function War 1 World War 2 Written Research Assignment The weaknesses of Germanys opponents were equ all(prenominal)y responsible for Hitlers legions successes as his safety blitz tactics between 1939-1941. The Blitzkrieg tactics were really effective during the Second World War merely this was also partly ascribable to the fact that the Allied generals and tacticians were so incompetent. The fact that Blitzkrieg and the incompetency of impedance generals were equally responsible for Hitlers armament successes is best sh take in in his campaigns in Poland, France and Russia.In these conflicts the largest deciding factors were the Blitzkrieg tactics and the incompetency of the opposition generals. Blitzkrieg won the day in all of these conflicts but, as was sh own in the later years of the war, once the Allies had competent generals the Blitzkrieg tactics were defeated. One of Hitlers largest armament successes between 1939 and 1941 was the campaign in Poland. The Campaign in Poland was an immensely easy victory for the Germany War machine. The Polish troops was large and well trained, but it was immensely outdated.They still had a large amount of cavalry regiments in there ground forces which were on the whole destroyed by German tanks. They had very few tanks of their own and those that they did have were nothing compared to the strength of the German Panzers. They had quite a large well trained infantry but many of them still used swords and their guns were completely outclassed by the German assault rifles. They also had a small and rather average beam outcome but this was made obsolete by the larger and better German air force.Also Poland is a flat country and it had few natural obstacles making it ideal tank country (Crisp, 1990) and whence the perfect channelise for Blitzkrieg. As well as the actual Polish army, the tactics and generals of the Polish were also very outdated. When the time came for ba ttle The Polish Generals put their army into the Standard and age old line formation. When the Armies met the Blitzkrieg tactics worked perfectly due to this arrangement and the Polish were defeated with ease.As shown here the Blitzkrieg tactics and fail Polish generals result were equally responsible for Germanys success. As Peter Crisp said in his book, Blitzkrieg, Geographically and strategically, Poland was the perfect target for a Blitzkrieg antiaircraft. (Crisp, 1990) The Blitzkrieg tactics were responsible for the actual win but if Poland had had more than competent generals they had made better defences for the Blitzkrieg style of attack and had ditched the cavalry and upgraded and enlarged their tank and air forces they would have been able to repel the Germans and their Blitzkrieg.That is why the Blitzkrieg tactics and weak opponents were equally responsible for Hitlers military success. Another of Hitlers early military success was his campaign in France, also know n as operation Sicklecut. This is due to the way the main force was supposed to punch through a hole in french defences and cut around like the cut of a sickle to attack the French forces from the rear. The main French forces were supposed to be distracted be a diversionary German force.This plan worked perfectly and the main German for Force pixilated into the rear of the French force where together they pushed the French and supporting British armies into the coast in a thorough defeat. The Germans then pushed through to Paris where aft(prenominal) a mass evacuation of the crumbling French forces Germany took control of Paris. This is a coarse example of the fact that Hitlers military success was due equally due to the Blitzkrieg tactics as the incompetency of his opposition.In the campaign in France the Blitzkrieg tactics were very effective, not just beating the French army but spreading panic throughout the country and forcing the chain of command to crumble, but it could h ave and would have been defeated if it wasnt for the useless generals of the French army. The terror caused by the Blitzkrieg tactics was a very effective weapon for the Germans, one unknown French soldier even recounted in his diaries that his saw own comrades running with their hands over their heads not bothering to even return fire (Trueman, 2000) .The French had the capabilities to defeat the Germans and their Blitzkrieg tactics but they stuffed it up. Most of the Generals were veterans of the First World War and they were using the same tactics as they did then. Towards the end of his life Marshal Petain, the air force officer-in-chief of the French armies, said After the war of 1914-1919, it was finished for me. My military see was closed. When I saw the introduction of other tools and other methods I must say they didnt interest me, (Crisp, 1990) showing exactly the attitude of the French military leadership at the start of the War.This allowed the Germans to defeat the m with ease. They believed that the Germans would use the same plan that they used in the First World War and easily were defeated by the superior tactics of the Germans and when the Germans continued their advance through France and were bearing upon Paris in a matter of the days the French Leadership started to breakdown. If the French generals had been more competent they could have used their own tanks and air force more effectively and then the Germans would have been defeated and the French would have been successful.The Campaign in Russia, also known as Operation Barbarossa, named after the twelfth century Prussian King who was prophesied to rise from his grave and restore Germany to world power, is another great example of the fact that Hitlers military successes were equally due to his Blitzkrieg tactics and the ineptitude of his opposition. The Campaign in Russia started out as what seemed to be a complete annihilation. When Operation Barbarossa opened, on 22 June 1941, t he Soviets were taken completely by surprise. (Crisp, 1990) The German army was rapidly advancing and defeating the Red Army with ease.The Red Army had huge numbers of men and many tanks and aircraft but most of these tanks were obsolete and the Air force was built mainly for tactical air support, not for air superiority. The main problem for the Red Army was the leader of Russia, Josef Stalin. After Stalin and his brutal Communist regimes murder of all of the senior officers for political reasons and the strict constrictions placed on the remaining young and inexperienced officers which meant there was no room innovation during the heat of battle leaving the Red Army unbelievably handicapped.At the beginning of operation Barbarossa Stalin refused to believe the invasion was really happening. He thought the attack was a provocation by a German commander acting independently of Hitler, and ordered his frontline soldiers not to fire back (Crisp, 1990) . The fact that Hitlers mili tary success required both a weakness of Hitlers opposition and the Blitzkrieg tactics is best shown in the next part of the campaign in Russia. Once Stalin finally allowed his officers some flexibility and the winter allowed them to puddle many more of their new T-34 model tanks the Russians started to come back.After a period of intense fighting, particularly around Stalingrad, the Germans were defeated and forced to retreat and as General Mellenthin of the Germans wrote with the failure of our supreme effort, the strategic initiative passed to the Russians. (Crisp, 1990) This shows how necessary the weakness of Hitlers enemies for his military success due to the fact that the second one of his enemies obtained slap-up weapons, like the T-34, and successful leaders the Germans Blitzkrieg tactics were neutralised and they were defeated.The Blitzkrieg tactics and the weakness of Hitlers opposition were equally responsible for Hitlers military success between 1939 and 1941 durin g the Second World War. Without the Blitzkrieg tactics the German Army simply would not have been able to defeat the Allied forces and without weaknesses of Germanys opposition the Blitzkrieg tactics would have been defeated by the superior enemy forces. The areas of the war which best show this are the campaigns in Poland, France and Russia. In all of these operations Blitzkrieg and inferior opposition played a major part.This is why the Blitzkrieg tactics and weak opposition were equally responsible for Hitlers Military success. Bibliography Crisp, P. (1990). Blitzkrieg. Wayland publishing. A very good author. Lots of good selective informationrmation and quotes on all necessary areas. Deighton, L. (1979). Blitzkrieg. Pluriform Publishing. An alright source. Some good info but no quotes Trueman, C. (2000). Blitzkrieg. Retrieved May 2010, from History Learning Site http//www. historylearningsite. co. uk/blitzkrieg. htm A good source. Not a lot of information but some good quotes unnoticeable Author/Date.Barbarossa. Retrieved May 2010, from World War 2 Database http//worldwar2database. com/html/barbarossa. htm A good source. Not many quotes but a good source of info Unknown Author/Date. France. Retrieved May 2010, from World War 2 Database http//worldwar2database. com/html/france_40. htm A good source. Not many quotes but a good source of info Unknown Author/Date. Blitzkrieg. Retrieved May 2010, from World War 2 Database http//www. 2worldwar2. com/blitzkrieg. htm A alright source. Not many quotes and an alright source of info W

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Cultural Oppression Essay

Both African Americans and Asian Americans have suffered racial discrimination, slavery, persecution, difficulty in receiving citizenship even though their children were born in the United States and challenges in demonstrating their cultural identity. They experienced difficulty in classifying themselves as purely American because of their outward appearance. Moreover, they always tend to feel insulted that white Americans bequeath always judge them by stereotypes, not by what they really are.African Americans have suffered dual consciousness in the United States, always struggling to discover friendly and economic equality, both as a Negro and an American. Although political equality has been granted to African Americans, they still suffered inequality in terms of achieving social and economic wealth. The effects of cultural oppression on African Americans have put them at high probability of suffering continued hindrances to achieve social empowerment and affirmation.However, the richness of African cultures that place importance on collective lifestyle has helped African Americans to be accepted in the United States. Asian Americans were pressured to take how they could assimilate themselves into different cultural society in the country. The cultural oppression suffered by Asian Americans has helped them to establish their own community in order for them to give out self-sufficient. The impact of the Eastern philosophies, Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism, on Asian culture has helped families to become paternally oriented and hierarchical.The notable reason why some Asians have the tendency to keep off debate and discussion or to appear indecisive is because of these philosophies that teach them principles of harmony, balance and peace. This Asian culture has provided them to act in a positive way and to view the importance of having self-knowledge about how others behave towards them. Reference Information on Specific Cultural Groups. Retrieved A pril 17, 2009, from http//education. byu. edu/diversity/culture. html.

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Greek Stuff

THE ANCIENT GREEKS NAME ___Harrison Funk_________________________________ To complete this worksheet use the information found on the following website http//www. mythologyteacher. com/ GrecianIntro. html GREEK INTRO 1. At nearly what time period was the golden age of quaint Greece? 500 B. C. 2. Who was an old-fashioned Greek spellr of fables? Homer 3. Who was a Greek mathematician? Pythrogras 4. Why should Americans study ancient Greece? We oew everything to ancient Greece. GREEK CITY-STATES 5. How is a city-state more than just a city? It had no desire to join a larger country. 6.What term was not in use during the golden age of Greece? Why not? They did not say greece so it was dotted with city-states 7. What is an agora? Assembly of the people/ town meeting THE animation OF A GREEK GIRL 8. How were women oppressed in ancient Greece? Treated with disrespect 9. What would happen if a family did not have a male heritor? All wealth would go to the closest male relative 10. At wh at age did most girls turn married? 14 11. What is a dowry? cash goods estate 12. What was the goal of every Greek wife? To produce male heir 13. When was murder completely legal in ancient Greece?When someone was caught in a affair with a married women. THE LIFE OF A GREEK BOY 14. What is a Greek adage about their newborn children? If its a male child keep it and if its a girl expose it 15. What ceremony did boys go through before becoming men? They cut their hair 16. Boys were sent to do what at the age of eighteen? Left for both years for military purposes. 17. What does the word gymnos mean? Means wearing no clothes 18. How long were men paper to the military draft? Two years 19. What is a lyre? harp 20. What is rhetoric? Is persuasive speaking 21.What was the Greek word for one who participates in sport contests? 22. What was a sophist? 23. What was the most dangerous Greek sport? 24. What is the bible of the Greeks? 25. The gymnasium was the ancient predecessor of what a dvanced(a) institution? 26. What were the two tools teachers used to teach cultivation and writing? 27. When did education end for most boys? 28. Why were Greek men expected to keep their bo departs in shape? GREEK RELIGION 29. According to the Greek moral code, what two crimes were capital offenses? 30. Explain how Greece did not have a strict religious code 31.Spotting what kind of bird during the daytime foretold death? 32. What could priests ordain from an animals organs? 33. What does fortuitous mean? 34. What is a pantheon? 35. What is augury? 36. What usually occurred after a Greek sacrifice? 37. Where did the Oracle of Delphi sit? 38. Which theology or goddess was most honored in capital of Greece? 39. Whom did kings consult to learn their future? GREEK DEMOCRACY 40. How did citizens vote sometimes vote in Athens? 41. What groups were excluded from Athenian citizenship? 42. What type of democracy did Athens have? GREEK OLYMPICS 43. When did the first Olympics occur? 4. Wh at Olympic contest was held at the Olympian hippodrome? 45. Were the Olympics the only games held in ancient Greece? 46. What was the Heraia? 47. What are the five sports in the pentathlon? SPARTA 48. How were the lives of wicked women different from the lives of Athenian women? 49. Sparta was one of the few societies to produce no _______. 50. Spartan boys started their training at what age? 51. Spartan boys were yearly flogged for what reason? 52. What did an apprenticeship of a young boy to an older boy accomplish? 53. How were Spartan boys taught stealth? 54.What did the Spartans do with their unwanted children? Toss them of a dip 55. What story demonstrated the Spartan discipline? 56. What was a Spartan wedding night ritual? 57. What word is a synonym for gorge? 58. Sparta was completely consecrate to the art of what? HIPPOCRATES 59. Hippocrates is often called 60. How many children died in ancient Greece before the age of ten? 61. What is leeching? 62. Write one line from t he Hippocratic Oath ALEXANDER THE huge 63. How old was Alexander the Great when he became the King of Macedon? 64. What did Alexander spread around the world? 65.What empire did Alexander conquer? 66. What did Alexander the great die of? 67. Why was Alexander a successful conqueror? SOCRATES & PLATO 68. How was Socrates different from the sophists? 69. Who were the scientists of ancient Greek? 70. What does philosophy mean in Greek? 71. What poison did Socrates drink? 72. What is the Socratic Method? 73. What was Platos Academy named for? 74. What was the charge brought against Socrates? HOMER, THE ILIAD & ODYSSEY 75. How was the dark age of Greece different from the golden age of Greece? 76. What are three rumors concerning Homer the poet? 77.What is an epic poem? 78. What is the plot of land of the Odyssey? 79. What started the Trojan War? 80. When did the real Trojan War probably occur? 81. Which did the Greeks like better the Iliad or Odyssey? Why? HERODOTUS 82. Herodotus is o ften called 83. What wars did Herodotus write about? 84. What else did Herodotus write about? 85. What is western civilization? GREEK SLAVERY 86. Most Greek households had how many slaves? 87. What does humane mean? 88. What is the rack? 89. What were lawyers allowed to do to slaves in order to get information? 90. What were three jobs a slave might receive? 91.Where did the Greeks obtain their slaves? DEATH & BURIAL 92. Greeks believed your spirit would never be at rest if 93. What were two capital offenses in ancient Greece? 94. What is a garland? 95. What is a libation? GREEK WARFARE 96. How did one combat ship defeat another? 97. How did the rowers on a warship keep in time with each other? 98. Sparta was known for its infantry Athens was known for its ________. 99. What is a hoplite? 100. Where did Sparta and Athens stop King Xerxes march into Greece? 101. What is a phalanx? GREEK THEATER 102. How many spectators could be seated in the theatron? 03. What amplified the voices o f Greek actors? 104. What are satyrs? 105. What does obscene mean in Greek? 106. What innovation did Sophocles realise? 107. What is a chorus? 108. What is catharsis? 109. What theatrical innovation did the gowright Aeschylus come up with? 110. What type of play is a crude parody? 111. What type of play tells the downfall of a noble character? 112. Who was the patron god of the theater? 113. Whose opinion did the chorus represent in Greek plays? 114. Why are modern actors called thespians? 115. Which type of play made fun of daily life in Athens?

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External Factors and the Real Estate

assignment 1. 3 External Factors and the Real terra firma Industry By K atomic number 18n Chapman 11 November 2012 Assignment 1. 3 Index 1. The demographic environment 1. 1Cultural diversity trends and developmentsPage 3 1. 2Demographics of own area, vs. national demographics and trendsPage 3 2. The economic environment 2. 1 The current economic environmentPage 3 2. 2 Socio-economic factorsPage 4 3. The political environmentPage 4 4. The technological environmentPage 5 5. The competitive environmentPage 5 6. The legal environment 6. 1 Regulations pertaining to seat ownershipPage 5 . 2 Regulations pertaining to land role controlsPage 6 6. 3 Other rules and regulationsPage 6 ConclusionPage 6 ReferencesPage 6 Assignment 1. 3 Introduction The real commonwealth industry is hugely affected by external factors, which tolerate the effect of either having a positive or negative impact on us as real estate agents. When the sparing is good houses sell and buyers are able to qualify for bonds. When the economy is in a downturn then houses stay on the market for a masses longer. Buyers are more than reluctant to take the plunge and buy property.Repossessions increase and banks often become more reluctant to grant bonds. 1. The demographic environment 1. 1Prior to the repealing of the convention Areas Act the residential housing market was segmented by belt along. Each race group was legally only allowed to stay in certain areas and neighbourhoods. by and by the repealing of the Group Areas Act and the democratisation of South Africa after our first free and fair elections for all races in 1994, different race groups and ethnicities started living together in the same neighbourhoods for the first time.With South Africa being welcomed back into the international community we also straight have more clients from around the humanness. This has also resulted in a major paradigm shift for estate agents from serving 1 race group previously we are now dealing with clients from every race and ethnicity from both South Africa and around the world. To be successful and effective, estate agents have had to learn to be sensitive to, and understand, different cultures and their customs.Buyers and sellers have also had to learn to be more tolerant towards the different cultures and norms of their neighbours. 1. 2The demographics of my farm area are representative of the national urban demographics and trends. 2. The economic environment 2. 1 The world economic crisis has also negatively impacted on the South African economy and this had had a direct negative impact on our housing market. Due to cut backs and layoffs many homeowners are finding it difficult to meet their bond commitments and as a result many homes are being repossessed by the banks.Buyers are also experiencing difficulties in obtaining bonds from banks one of the main reasons being that South African banks appear to fear further repercussions from the global credit crisis and continu ed job losses (up to 400 000 before the course of instruction end) House prices have continued to fall. Absas senior property analyst Jacques du Toit said house prices dropped further in nominal hurt in June, by 4,4% year-on- Assignment 1. 3 year, while in real terms, prices were down by 11,1% year-on-year in May. But the residential market is expected to improve early in 2013Mortgage tautness has increased from 55 000 in the second quarter of 2011 to 155,000 in the second quarter of 2012. Severe mortgage stress, where bondholders are over 4 months in arrears, has more or less doubled in a year and increased sharply in June to over 72 000 home owners from 55 000 in the first quarter. Despite the demoralise interest rates there are more sales in execution than ever before. Currently there are approximately 4 calciferol houses per month which are being sold forcibly through legal channels which includes sales in execution, insolvency sales and banks voluntary distressed sales ch annels. . 2 With the global economic meltdown, retrenchments and unemployment have become more and more of a reality in South Africa. With the increased unemployment levels, bondholders have become more troubled to make payments and this has led to an increase in defaults and consequently repossessions. Other homeowners have tried to sell their properties as they have become more financially strapped. This has resulted in an over supply of properties on the market (a buyers market) and as a result some buyers are able to negotiate more favourable/lower prices on houses.Many buyers are also reluctant to buy because of economic uncertainty. (job loss/retrenchment). Banks stringent lending criteria have also prevented potential buyers from obtaining loans. The net result being that the property market has been severely negatively impacted. 3. The political environment The substitute in the political environment in South Africa has also resulted in a change in the real estate industry . Agents had to previously deal with clients from one race group e. g. but with the repealing of the Groups Areas Act we now deal with clients we previously never dealt with i. e. ifferent race groups, ethnicities and nationalities In 20 years, South Africa has achieved many successes, including greater political stability and greater economic freedom. Research Worldwide. com has just published results of its annual survey, which showed that property investments in South Africa showed an actual total return of 15,1% last year. South African commercial real estate outperformed sixteen other major countries. The real estate boom in South Africa and low interest rates continues to encourage homeowners to feel confident and spend buying those houses for sale, farms for sale and commercial property for saleAssignment 1. 3 4. The technological environment Technology has become an integral part of Real Estate over the past few years. Property software programs have contend and will play an increasingly important role in the future of Real Estate. To remain competitive real estate agencies need to use the up-to-the-minute technology to benefit their business. The real challenge is to find a software application (programme) that supports all facets of the industry, cutting out the need to duplicate day-to-day work.The world wide web enables estate agents to operate globally as properties can be viewed from anywhere in the world. An agent can create a realistic office in his car with a laptop, 3G connection and a cell phone. 5. The competitive environment The real estate industry has often been perceived as an unprofessional industry because there have been no entry standards for those wishing to join the industry. However, this is changing as all real estate agents are now required to obtain the FETC Real Estate Level 4 qualification to enable them to practice as agents.This has benefits for both the industry and clients the industry will have knowledgeable and qu alified/professional agents which will enable both buyers and sellers effectively. Qualified agents will be in high demand in the industry. 6. The legal environment 6. 1 Regulations pertaining to property There are a number of acts that govern property ownership in South Africa Sectional Titles Act 95 of 1986 Makes it feasible for different persons to each own a portion of a building Companies Act 61 of 1973 Share block shares must be transferred in terms of the Companies ActShare Blocks Control Act 59 of 1980 Controls the operation of Share Block schemes Housing Development Schemes for Retired Persons Act 65 of 1988 Regulates the development and alienation (sale or lease) of accommodation in schemes which are Housing Development Schemes as defined by the Act The Estate Agencies Affairs Act 112 of 1976 Safeguards the interests of members of the public in their dealings with Estate Agents The Estate Agencies Affairs Board is a regulatory body established by the above Act. Alienation of Land Act 68 of 1981

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Compare and Contrast Essay

At multiple points in life, people be faced with judgments ranging in difficulty and significance. And every decision could be affected by eruptside influences which could incline people to make a choice. Sometimes, one is faced with the choice of which juice to drink in the morning, a very minute decision to make. There are other, more substantial decisions like choosing which college to attend or whether or not it is the right time to buy a home. Depending on the size of the decision and influence, everything that happens in ones life could be crucial moments that sterilize the final solution of ones life.This was seen in Rudolfo Anayas Bless Me, Ultima and Bernard Malamuds The Natural. both(prenominal) authors examp direct the of import characters to furnish that ones future is determined by the choices made throughout life, and the outside influences that guide the choices. Anaya and Malamud use others expectations, others focal point, and decisions made as significant points that help determine the outcome of the chief(prenominal) characters future. A main comparison between the two stories was that both of the main characters faced constant expectations on them placed on them.In Bless Me, Ultima, Anthony is the rope in a tug of war between his two families, the Yanez and the Lunas. He is judged by his more rebellious and spirited brothers, who video display characteristics of the Yanez vaqueros, and is ridiculed that he will become like his mother (Anaya 68). Also, when he goes to his Luna uncles house for a time, he is tried be persuaded into congruous farmers like them, for he has the feel of the earth in his blood (Anaya 142). Both families tried to show him how he is more like the other, and both had the expectation of him becoming the next recognize person to represent the family.Similarly, in The Natural, Roy is criticized nonstop by the fanatics of the ball club, but only when he is in a slump or having a bad game. But when he is in a smashing streak and crushing the baseballs, then he is adored. Roy is loved and hated constantly based on his actions, and the inconstant character of the crowd eventually determined how he was to be viewed after making his decision of interchange out. The people close to the main characters helped determine the route that their future took, whether it was for the better or worse.Unlike the previous point, the guidance that the main characters of the story received severely contrasted. In Bless Me, Ultima, Tony had the guidance of the curandera, Ultima. Her supervision and educational activity of Tony helped him combat and overcome struggles by giving him hope. Ultimas supervision of Tony was crucial so that he would not make an innocent mistake that could lead to his harm. Ultimas protection of Tony was seen in action when Tenorio, the wicked restriction owner and father of three witches, attempted to kill Tony in his drunken revenge.When he pointed his rifle at him, however, he was attacked by Ultimas spirit in the form of an owl. Ultima died that night to protect the well world of Tony, showing how she is ultimately Tonys keeper and protects him at all costs (Anaya 258). On the other hand, Roys manager surface-to-air missile guided Roy in his beginning years as a ball role imposter looking for a team. Roy was useless without Sam. He didnt know how to do simple things like cloak himself or even how much to tip a person (Malamud 5-6).As Harry Sylvester noted, Roy was a player who operates with ease and the greatest skill, without having been taught who left alone might achieve his real fulfillment. Roy did posses these great qualities, but Sam was like Roys judgment, and his absence really helped shape the outcome of Roys life because he wasnt there to council Roy during tough situations. This absence of guidance and ad debility was the difference of Roy achieving his predicted greatness. Much like the first point, a main comparison that could be m ade for both writings is the decisions both main characters take in the sour of determining their future.Tony stresses out a lot throughout the entire story about his life and becoming either a pastor or a cowboy, even though he is only seven. He is also very cautious with each move and step he takes so that he wont commit an error in his development of becoming a man. Tonys display of concern and care leads to him making the rightful decision of choosing elements of both families and using them to his advantage (Anaya 247). In contrast, Roy always displays a careless nature in his choices.As Orrin Judd put it, Roy continuously chose pleasure over principle and intemperance over dedication throughout the plot. This is certainly true because in many instances, Roy followed his primitive human nature in desire for pleasure and success, like following his desires for Harriet Bird or constantly wanting to be called the outstrip there ever was in the game (Malamud 27, 34). Roys choic es of following his temptations and the search for fame eventually led to him tragically failing in the end.Both characters faced tough situations, but their decisions in those situationshelped plan out their future. In all, the comparisons and differences of both The Natural and Bless Me, Ultima lead the audience to believe that a persons future lies within their choices and the peoples reaction to them. Both stories displayed how key aspects of a persons life can help determine their future.The many choices and decisions one makes in life can determine the outcome of their future, for the better or worse. Also, if one is loved by many or has great guidance to help them, then one will have a greater chance of achieving greatness and vice versa.In the end, the human being is responsible for their decisions and they must take the necessary precautions and steps to ensure the best future possible. Works Cited Anaya, Rudolfo. Bless Me, Ultima. New York Grand Central, 1972. Print. Judd, Orrin. Review of Bernard Malamuds The Natural BrothersJudd. com. Brothers Judd Good Books and Recommended breeding 27-Mar-11. 23 Mar. 2001. Web. 27 Mar. 2011.Malamud, Bernard. The Natural. New York Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2003. Print. Sylvester, Harry. With Greatest of Ease. New York Times. The New York Times Company, 26 Aug. 1952. Web. 27 Mar. 2011. .

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Movie Paper Review

Michelle Jones Green block 3 1/28/13 Movie Paper reassessment The son in mark Pajamas The Boy in Striped Pajamas is a book that was made into a characterisation, set during World War Two and more specific onlyy, the Holocaust. The book was written by John battle of Boyne and when made into a moving-picture show was directed by Mark Herman and produced by David Heyman. The Boy in Striped Pajamas was made in 2006 and starred Asa Butterfield, Jack Scanlon, and Vera Farmiga. I read the book, The Boy in Striped Pajamas in 8th grade and watched to characterisation very soon after.The Boy in Striped Pajamas is based on the horrors of a World War Two Nazi Extermination Camp. This movie is through the eyes of two 8 year old boys one whose father is a Nazi camp commandant and the separate is a Judaic inmate. Bruno, the son of the Nazi commandant and his family just recently moved from Berlin to the countryside which happens to have a Nazi Extermination Camp right nearby. The adventurous Bruno finds an unguarded fence where he meets and befriends Shmuel, a Jewish boy. Bruno soon learns the horrors of the war and so does his mother.When Brunos father announces that the young boy and his mother will be waiver to live with their aunt in Heidelberg, Bruno grabs a shovel and makes his way to the camp to meet up with his friend, prima(p) the movie into an awful sequence of events. None of the characters in this movie were real people but they were all accurate depictions of the soldiers and everyone at that time. The movie very accurately showed the differences in sustentation be a Jew and living in the camps compared to everyone else.It also shows a childs innocence and how children sometimes see the world totally different than adults, sometimes even in a better way. Bruno never saw anything wrong or different about Jewish people but his older sister Gretchen was being influenced by her nurture and a younger soldier to believe things she couldnt fully understand . The movie showed the terrible things being do to the people in the Nazi camps and how propaganda was used to make uninformed people believe things that werent true.The movie accurately shows how live was in that time. The beginning of The Boy in Striped Pajamas was set in Berlin in 1942 during World War Two, Bruno and his family are moving to the countryside because of his fathers work. The setting then is never specify but we know it is near a Nazi Extermination Camp. The props in this movie were all very accurate and the lighting and way the shooting was done portrayed the devastating times that were during the Holocaust.The Boy in Striped Pajamas is a very good movie and a very accurate movie too. The actors playing the young 8 year old boys did an awesome job playing those parts specially at such a young age. The soldiers also did well playing Nazis and being very stern people. Overall this movie is a very accurate representation or what deportment was like during World Wa r Two while adding its own plot and I would recommend this movie to anyone who would like to see what it was like for Jewish people and families of the soldiers during the Holocaust.

Three Strategies or Practices Identified in the Chapter

Discuss three strategies or practices identified in the chapter that you feel are most important in planning, composing, and revising professional documents. Which of these do you use? Which part of the process do you buy the farm more time on revising, editing, or proofreading? why? The three most important practices in planning, composing, and revising professional documents are -Analyzing the problem, defining the purpose of the document, and analyzing my sense of hearing. -Provide accurate, concise, and collar information. Getting feedback from psyche else. Before pop outning a document you must assess the purpose of your writing, and who your audience is. Once you know what you are writing about, and whom you are writing it to, then begins the formulation of ideas. I personally first review documents that relate to the topic and create key points to include in my writing. After you begin creating a thought process aligned with your writing, start free writing. During your free writing process, try non to deviate from your points.Provide accurate information, be concise and to the point, and complete your thoughts. Now that you feel you have drafted all the allow key points, and all the information you wanted to include, begin reviewing. During this review process, check for grammatical errors, conciseness, and that your thoughts are delivered for view comprehension. Now that you feel you have created a professional document, put it to the test. Most important for me, is letting someone else read it. You may get some criticism, but better by one person than a large number of readers.At this time you can make the appropriate adjustments, and feel more confident in the message you are relaying. All the techniques I mentioned is the process I use to compose writing documents. These move were helpful in my success as a proficient writer. Proofreading is the most important aspect, and what I spend most of my time on. This is your last chance to impress your reader and make sure your writing represents you, and shows your dedication to your work. Locker, K. O. , & Kienzler, D. S. (2010). Business and Administrative Communication. New York, NY McGraw-Hill/Irwin.

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Brida by Paulo Coelho Evaluation

1. ABSENTATION As an portal of the lead character, Brida came to the mountain in search for the Magus. There, she asked him to be his teacher. He then approved of it and do her bait down at the top of the mountain and leave her there to test whether she can overcome her fears. 2. interdict Upon her search for the Magus, she liveed for over 90 miles, when she came to the hamlet and asked the people, they warned her that the Magus had already tried to seduce one of the village girls. 3. VIOLATION of INTERDICTION Though having been warned by the village people, Brida still continued on her journey to pass off Magus.She is eager to learn magic. 4. RECONNAISSANCE She went in search for the Magus. 5. DELIVERY Brida found out that he is a Teacher of the Tradition of the sunshine, and that there are two traditions, the Tradition of the Sun and the Tradition of the Moon. When one get the hang a tradition, he/she shall teach the other tradition. And in order to learn, one must be compl etely honest. 6. TRICKERY It is Bridas mind p dressing tricks on her, it is her mind that makes her imagine things, hindering her from going into the bridge over and seeing the invisible world. Her mind is preventing her from completing the Magus first lesson. 7.COMPLICITY Since Brida had courses in schools, she is having a lowering clip hard to let go. She limits herself to what she knew from school, thats why she had a hard time doing her tasks. 8. VILLAINY or LACK Brida is the virtuoso and at the same time, antagonist of this story. When she went to Wicca, a Teacher of the Tradition of the Moon, what she learned in school most tarot cards was given confusion. Wiccas ways was far different from what she was taught. When Wicca told her to spend an hour of her choosing to lay down the tarot cards and just let them show her what she needs to slam at the moment, she was at irst, excited. But when she noticed that it was only her imagination working and not magic. She doesnt kno w now which to trust, Wiccas words or the lessons in school. She was torn. 9. MEDIATION Brida, now going against all her normal habits, decides to smoke tooshie before breakfast. She has given up with her tarot card reading. She felt crying after each time she does the reading. She felt vulnerable and alone and had a sense that a great opportunity is slipping through and through and through her fingers. She thinks she had failed. 10. BEGINNING COUNTER-ACTION Brida phoned Wicca, telling her that she cant come to her next appointment.She doesnt know that Wicca already know that. Wicca used the phone call to make Brida spread the Tarot cards. The Tarot cards revealed themselves to Brida. 11. DEPARTURE Brida came to Wicca, to go into the bridge and see the invisible world. 12. FIRST FUNCTION OF THE DONOR Wicca made her close her eyes, imagine things, made her enter a library in which she found a book. She then found out that in her past animateness, she was a soldiers wife, Loni. And those voices have been with her since she was born. 13. HEROS REACTION Brida then forced herself to work, to overturn thinking, to avoid her thoughts about the Magus and Wicca, of her past life.She wanted to escape. 14. RECEIPT OF A MAGICAL AGENT After her time travel into her past life, she now accepts that she may be or can be a witch, give care what Wicca told her. She had original that the power is within her all along she only had to let it out, to embrace it. Like what her past lives had done. 15. commission Bridas boyfriend, Lerons, even if he really cant believe what Brida was saying is possible he still thinks it is true. He even compared Bridas story with the composition of an atom, telling her that even scientists have encountered situations like such. 16.STRUGGLE Brida was fighting her true calling, to be a witch. She has a fear of committing herself. Though her travel to her past life showed her who she really was and knew that it comes to her naturally, it also bro ught upon her the fear of committing herself to such beliefs. 17. BRANDING Brida, is now wearing, though it was invisible, one of the Four sound of Revelation, the Witch. 18. VICTORY Brida now is able to walk into the bridge. She has resolved the tricks her mind played on her. She have been compose down all that Wicca taught her in the book of shadows. She also had found her Soulmate, the Magus. 19.LIQUIDATION Magus showed her the way into the Two Traditions, the Tradition of the Sun and the Tradition of the Moon. He showed Brida how grateful he is that he found Brida and that Brida had recognized him as her Soulmate. They traveled through space and time. Brida saw meadows full of flowers, animals she had inly read in books, mysterious castles and cities that seemed to float on clouds of light. 20. RETURN Brida didnt know whether to feel disappointed or relieved, but they have to part. They just confessed their love for each other. It was hard to leave your soulmate once youd foun d them. Brida went back to Dublin.

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Pro-Slavery Argument

Pro-slaveholding The main issue in the States politics during the years of the late 1840s to the late 1870s was slaveholding. Southerners wanted to keep the tradition of slave labor alive, and were Justifying slavery in any way possible issue of slavery was a continuing debate in the 1800s. James Henry Hammond, John C. Calhoun, and William Joseph Harper were some of the men most famous for propagating the pro-slavery argument. Slavery was the frugal foundation in the southern states during the 1800s.The efenders of slavery in the south had several arguments that they used to rationalize slavery. ace argument was that ending slavery would destroy the economy in the south. Another pro-slavery argument was that slavery was a natural state of mankind since it has existed throughout history. The southern states to this day atomic number 18 the agricultural surplus for entirely of the United States crop production. For centuries, slaves were the most efficient and cheapest way to produ ce and harvest crops.The economic and political advantages of slaves are what ultimately al clinical depressioned southern itizens to survive. During the late 1830s through early 1860s, the pro-slavery argument was at its strongest (The Proslavery list). After the well-behaved War, freed slaves often returned back to plantations in search of money, because they did not have the resources to continue. If slavery was not abolished they would remain as property of the owner and would not have starved or been forced to work in busted paying Jobs.Even though they did not have the best living and working conditions, they at least were precondition enough to survive. While I agree slavery is an ill moral, the concept of slavery is an economic plus. moreover in 1837, John C. Calhoun gave a speech promoting the positive good outcomes of slavery while also declaring slavery was instead of an evil, a good a positive good (The Pro-slavery Argument). Today, top nations exploit troika world countries resources and economic stability due to the fact they are unable function without exporting.Countries such as China, Taiwan, Thailand, and most countries in Africa, exploit children and women to roduce factory goods for little or no money. With that process occurring, China is expanding and ordain possibly become one of the next top super nations. Chinas explorations of its citizens allowed the countries expansions, which will ultimately develop the solid ground Just like the United States. While Africas resources, such as precious metals, are being metaphorically robbed by other nations. Countries will buy their resources for almost nothing, while they are being produced by low paying workers.Although the top nations have abolished slavery, they still manipulate the countries that use slavery. This process allows countries to outsource their money in return of large profits. Southern pro-slavery theorists asserted that slavery eliminated this problem by elevating all f ree spate to the status of citizen, and removing the landless poor (the mudsill) from the political process entirely by means of enslavement (The Pro-slavery Argument). Works Cited The Pro-slavery Argument Boundless. Boundless. O

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Nursing shortage Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Nursing dearth - Research Paper ExampleNurses are indispensable in the care for individuals in hospitals as well as the general population of the world because of their queer ability non only to save the lives of their patients, but as well as for amend their out deduces. When one considers the current situation, it throne be said that the world misunderstanding of exactly what nurses do has mainly caused the shortage. In most cases, the public holds take the duties that nurses perform for granted, giving more importance to doctors than to nurses. This has given rise to the notion that the treat profession is not important, indeed influencing the decision of many an(prenominal) people who would have gone into the profession to choose former(a) professions which are deemed to be more important. The shortage can be said to be caused by one-third main factors which include poor working conditions, limited funding available for research, and finally, the short staffing in ho spitals. The nursing profession has been taken for granted for a long measure and it is only recently that its importance has come to be recognized as a shortage has developed. This shortage in the number of nurses in hospitals has created a situation where there is understaffing meaning that the available nurses have to work long hours (Mee and Robinson, 2003). These long hours has a determination of taking a toll on the physical and mental wellbeing of the nurses involved and may threesome to a reduction in their performance levels. This reduction in their performance means that the wellbeing of their patients is situated in jeopardy since some of them may require more attention from the nurses in order to call for a quick recovery. A nursing shortage, therefore, creates a situation where patients are not provided with the best healthcare available and this is mainly due to the low nurse to patient ratio that the shortage creates. If this shortage is not countered with effic ient policies, then it will most likely end up costing the health systems of many countries dear. This is because of the fact that without nurses, there will be a low patient outcome since the patients will not be receiving the care they need to recover effectively. Furthermore, as the aging population continues to increase and the demand for nurses also increases, there is the possibility that the mortality rate of the human population will be quite steep in the coming years (Critical care medicine, 2002). The nursing shortage has dire implications on the future of the nursing profession and among these is the possibility that in future, there may be a shortage of teachers to teach the new multiplication of nurses. This is mainly because the number of experience nurses available to guide the younger generation of nurses into the profession will be extremely low. This will create a situation where it will be impossible for nurses to work effectively most of their action will be do ne through essay and error, ensuring that the patient outcome remains low. The future of this profession is quite bleak because it has for a long time been associated to women, who in the modern times have a wide range of career option wanton to them. This means that the idea of nursing as the premier professional option for women is fast fading away. It is therefore prudent for healthcare policymakers to make the profession more attractive to the younger generation through improving the working conditions, providing enough

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Reading Prompt 1 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Reading Prompt 1 - Essay Examplecompany provides versatile nursing physical, occupational, speech and neuro-rehabilitation services hospice services social work nutrition disease management education, wait on with daily living activities and other therapies and services (United States Securities and alter Commission, n.d.).Gentiva serves individuals either in their home or in a hospice facility. While offering this service throughout parts of the United States, provisions of social, emotional and phantasmal treatment be made to maintain the individuals health and dignity. While providing home fitness and hospital services to the people, the company no longer provides some services to many of their patients, for the business objectives of Gentiva are changing towards home care services, which have a higher potential of growth. In 2011 several sales and purchases were made, one of them being Rehab Without Walls, a homemaker services agency ground in Illinois. The Company as we ll purchased Odyssey Health Care, giving it 100% ownership to outstanding member units based in Augusta (United States Securities and Exchange Commission, n.d.).Odyssey Health Care, Inc. was established in 1995, and, after being purchased by Gentiva, grew very quickly. While this establishment is based in Dallas, Texas, it is considered one of the largest sources of hospice providers in the United States. According to its 2010 financial statement, Odyssey had a net income of $686,438 million dollars plot Gentivas net revenues constituted $1,152,460 million dollars. The profit generated by the hospital was 396,774 million dollars, which is almost a half of what was generated by Gentiva, that is, $598,930 million dollars. During the merger with Odyssey, Gentiva paid $27 for each share that had been issued. In Arizona, California, Ohio and Texas, Odyssey has the greatest number of facilities and makes available every opportunity to it patients in their care. They satisfy all their nee ds including

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Other topic Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Other topic - probe ExampleThe essay describes which book was more effective in regard to the style used by the author.genus Dracula is timeless novel and seems more effective in the writing style than Christine. Dracula is write as a collection of diary sections, letters, telegrams, and notices. According to ( fire-eater 7) Dracula writes a letter to Jonathan Harker welcoming him to Carpathians. The thought, Stoker lets us know in the note toward the start of the novel, is to present the events of the story as basic actuality, contempt the item that some section of the events are difficult to accept. The accumulation of archives is similar to a cat sleep of confirmation being introduced at court. The truth is out as the reader, you get the opportunity to go some as judge and jury. The written work style is direct and extremely quick the characters write in their diaries basically as events are occurring, so the reader encounters the events as the characters do.The novel, Dra cula, is made out of a cash advance of first-person diaries, letters, and statements, which implies in that location are various narrators, and different perspectives are there represented. Stokers prefatory statement clarifies this, and demands that the main edit that has been done is to cross out anything that isnt important to the story. All the diaries and letters, generally, are precisely as they were initially composed. Dracula is an action-packed narration about vampires and how to execute them. Since it is told from different perspectives through a collection of journal sections, letters, and notes, theres not a considerable measure of boredom. The story moves along at a really decent clasp, so there is never time to be exhausted. The dialect is sometimes troublesome only in light of the fact that it was composed more than a century ago, and there are some dark chronicled and social references that whitethorn exhausting for modern readers.In Christine, the author uses alm ost similar style

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Pick any of Emerging markets - India or China and write a research Paper

Pick any of Emerging markets - India or China and write a regarding them - Research reputation Example8). Clothing and footwear as well accounts for 10.5% of the total sales in retail. The entertainment, books and sports goods equipment registered a CAGR of 21.3% in the pecuniary year 2007 and 2012. According to Research and Markets, the retail industry in India has grown at CAGR of 14.6% in the pecuniary year 2007 to 2012. The egression is influenced by the growing economic rate, change in the consumption pattern of the earth which are driven by higher standard of living, greater proportion of women, growth in essence class population and the increased level of penetration of organized retail segment. Despite of the prevailing growth rate, the retail segment of India remains fragmented with the organized vault of heaven still accounting for a minuscule percentage of the total market size of Indian retail market. The organized retail segment that accounted for a CAGR of 26. 4% of the total retail. However with global and Indian economy reviving from post recession, the organized retail segment has witnessed a gradual increase in the footfall during FY2011 (Research and Markets, 2012). ... The Indian retail segment is pegged at 500billion US dollar and is further expected to attain US $1.3trillion by 2020 and the organized retail sector is expected to reach about 25% by 2012. Indian e retailing market also has high potential for future growth with estimates to be US 1.26billion by 2015 and currently the e-retail segment accounts for US$ 361.66million (IBEF, 2012). In 2011, the Central Government of India had announced re stock with respect o retail for both atomic number 53 brand and multi brand stores. The market reform have paved reform for competition and retail mental hospital with the multi brands such as Carrefour, Tesco and Wal-Mart and also for the single brands like Nike, Apple and IKEA. India had approved reform in January 2012 providing wit h the opportunity to innovate in the retail market with 100% ownership but for single brand compel 30% of requirements of goods from India (Gupta, 2012). The Indian retailing structure can be divided into two groups, the organized and the unorganised retail sector. The unorganized retail sectors are the vendors, handcart, kiranas and others. This sector contributes to 98% of the total retail value. But with FDI in picture, the retail sector is expected to shrink employment in the unorganized sector and latter unfold in the organized sector. The organized sector is undertaken by licensed retailers who are registered under income tax and sales. some other form of retailers is the in store retailers also known as brick and motor formats and are designed in order to lure its customers. Different kind of stores such as branded stores which appear in the form of executive showrooms, multi brand specialty store, department stores, convenient stores, supermarkets and shopping malls (Ec onomy Watch, 2010). Liberalization and

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Youth sports Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Youth sports - Essay ExampleThe highlighted that youth sports are actually important for the social skills development, where the youngsters interact with other individuals and are the best carriage to make friends as sound as acquaintances. It does not only help them in interacting with other socially, notwithstanding at the same snip gives them a sense of belonging and unity as well.Apart from the social benefits, the physical advantages are to a fault great where the athletic youngsters mature and grow in embodiment and body composition in a better manner in comparison to the non athletic youngsters. The normal structural growth of the body and the drum has to be supported by the proper physical exerting activities and exercise has proved itself to be the best way for the improvement of the bone width and the mineralization. (Volkwein-Caplan, K. A. E., 2009)Most importantly, the benefits of the youth sports is not only limited to the development of the physique and the soci al skills, but the physical activities lead to the psychological advantages for the youngsters as well. Sports give these youngsters a sense of execution and achievement where they start believing in their abilities and their talent. Winning is associated with the motivation and even participating at round level gives them a fair opportunity to build confidence. The psychological advantages associated with the youth sports are very important, but at the same time the personality traits and characteristics are also nourished and expanded. The sense of belonging to a police squad makes the youngsters self disciplined individuals and they do not only commit themselves to a certain team but in order to strive for success, they put in a lot of hard ply to practice sessions and then succeed at the end of the day. (Volkwein-Caplan, K. A. E., 2009)The development of confidence plays a vital fiber and the challenging training sessions is

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Summary Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 100

Summary - Essay ExampleAs a point of departure, the purpose of this research is to test for both first and second level intermedia agenda-setting interrelations among news media. The means analysis methodology is utilize in this article. Hypothetical analysis on the public response and interrelationship between salience issues of in the Obama Campaign ads and the salience of issues in Obama in 30 seconds ads were created (Ragas & Kiousis, November 01, 2010). Several new(prenominal) hypotheses that relate salience of issues in ads wit salience of issues in Obama campaigns ads were also created. In the essence, the methodology is hypothetical. This implies the scheme is tested based on the primary data used in this article.Random sampling was used to select the subsamples of the ads. For instance, second trainer examined 20% of the subsample of ads. On the same regard, the primary data collected and the samples selected were analyse by the use of Spearmans rho correlat ion. The statistical tests were used to compare the agendas that regarded the issues and the attributed salience (Ragas & Kiousis, November 01, 2010).The study remains nonpareil of the first analyses to analyze the communication efforts of web-based political activist group during the initial stages of an election contest in a close range. In addition, the study associates the efforts to the schedules of activists and a candidates campaign. It can be reason out that, the article consists of the original research findings because primary data is used in the hypothetical analysis (Ragas & Kiousis, November 01,